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Bitcoin Quest Picture Contest: Find My Hidden Seeds, Keep the Coins!

Bitcoin Quest Picture Contest: Find My Hidden Seeds, Keep the Coins!

I’m an artist and journalist who likes to draw, and want to unite two of my great passions: art and bitcoin. That’s where the idea of “Bitcoin Quest” appeared. It’s a competition where I draw pictures with hidden bitcoin wallet seeds in them, and you keep whatever BTC you find. Sound like fun? Try it out and play for keeps!

[Update April 10th, 2018]: A gracious sponsor: Rates.Guru, has just contributed to the quest, bringing the current prize fund to $500 USD worth of bitcoin. Be sure to subscribe and be the first to join the seed searches at the end of April! Currently I plan to add ten of the seeds to the picture, holding $50 each.

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Let the Games Begin

On my site, I’ve uploaded this detailed picture in A1 size. It’s an appropriately futuristic setting to hide some futuristic treasure — within that picture I’ll be hiding several BTC wallet “seeds” before the search begins. Each of those seeds represents a bitcoin wallet that contains actual value.

What’s a seed? It’s that string of 12 or so words many bitcoin wallets use to generate their keys. If you have the seed phrase, you have the wallet, and its BTC balance. The words to the seed phrases will be hidden in the picture. Find the words, figure out the seeds, check if you’re correct by entering them into a wallet app, and the BTC in them is yours. Easy, right?


There aren’t any words hidden in the picture yet. I’ll add them in later and make an official update.

(As a side note: if you can remember a bitcoin seed phrase in your head, you can keep your bitcoin savings safe for years without ever touching a device. That could be useful to remember, someday.)

The Conditions

You’ll be able to see exactly how much money is going into the main prize fund — isn’t Bitcoin’s public ledger great for transparency?

The total BTC contribution fund will be divided into 10 or more equal parts, and sent to the 10 winning addresses hidden in the picture. I will do that myself using an offline PC to sign the transaction. One day before the quest begins, participants receive an e-mail if have subscription. The next quest date is 26th of April.

Auction and Timing

Alongside the seed competition, an auction will take place to sell the artwork itself — if it succeeds, half the money earned will go towards the prize fund. Investors can add money to the quest fund and appear in a special section of the site, as well as within the quest page.

From April 1st till May 1st, participants can join the auction.

At the end of April you’ll be able to open the seed-embedded JPEG file of 10,000 x 7000 px with lots of English words ciphered in it. There are no seeds in the picture at the moment.

Your task is to investigate the picture with precision eyes. Find and unite the 12 words hidden there in the correct order, which will grant you the access to the coins stored in the Electrum wallet user account. If you think you’re fast, guess one or more seeds and take the money.

Both Russian-speaking and English-speaking Bitcoin audiences can take part in the quest at

I welcome you to join the event. Should be fun!

PS. From the creator of the Bitnovosti 2017 New Year Quest.

Does this sound like a fun idea for a competition? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Images via Jeff Fawkes

Disclaimer: This is a third-party BTC-based contest organized by an independent Bitsonline contributor. Bitsonline is not organizing, and does not officially endorse, this event. The usual risks and warnings associated with sending cryptocurrencies to people you don’t know over the internet apply.

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