Bitcoin Uncensored Reunites for a One-Time Interview with Peter McCormack

Bitcoin Uncensored Reunites for a One-Time Interview with Peter McCormack

After years of not speaking to each other, it has been announced that the former hosts of the Bitcoin Uncensored show will reunite for a highly anticipated interview. The show consisted of Chris DeRose and Junseth, and was one of the earliest sources of news and commentary within the crypto space.

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Florida Men Started Bitcoin’s Most Irreverent Podcast

DeRose and Junseth started the original weekly South Florida Bitcoin Meetup in Ft. Lauderdale in 2013, and were early contributors in the space. Their early work included a recurring segment in the early days of the Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast.

Due to the overtly abrasive and often times disparaging nature of their content, they eventually parted ways with LTB in 2014, and created the final iteration of the Bitcoin Uncensored show. The show ran continuously until the breakup in 2017. Bitcoin Uncensored served as a no-nonsense, critical voice in an industry that is notoriously accepting of outright scams and hairbrained financial schemes. The pair made a name for themselves, ruthlessly mocking and criticizing various projects like Hope-Gold Coin and OneCoin.

Chris DeRose and Junseth conducting Bathroom Interviews at TNABC-2016 in Miami for Bitcoin Uncensored.

In 2017, the pair had a falling out over differences in opinion concerning the show’s subject matter and direction. Unfortunately for fans, they were unable to settle the issues and a very dramatic breakup ensued.

Bitcoin Uncensored had developed a significant following over the years, and were the widely acknowledged champions of “Bitcoin Maximalism”. The consequences of this breakup rippled throughout the community.

It has been two years since the breakup. In that time, DeRose and Junseth have each developed their own unique shows. Chris DeRose transformed the original show into a solo project called DeRose Uncensored, while Junseth teamed up with a few other local South Florida Bitcoiners from the old meetup to create a group format talk show called Junseth’s World.

First Time Together Again Since the Breakup

During this time, DeRose and Junseth have had no contact or relations with each other of any kind. But that all changed today, when Peter McCormack announced on Twitter that he would be publishing an interview with both former co-hosts together on May 10th on his own podcast What Bitcoin Did. Although details are sparse, DeRose has confirmed the validity of this announcement. In classic Bitcoin Uncensored style, the interview is expected to be about three hours long… and will likely be shirtless.

According to DeRose, this is just a one-time event, and not a permanent reunion. The topic of the interview was, “Just random things. Mostly lessons learned”. However, the breakup itself was not discussed.

Are you excited to see Chris and Junseth back together again?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Images via Bitcoin Uncensored, Peter McCormack

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