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Five Things Bitcoiners Shouldn’t Say at Christmas Dinner

Five Things Bitcoiners Shouldn’t Say at Christmas Dinner

Christmas is upon us, and you’re probably visiting relatives that you might not see very often. As a Bitcoin enthusiast, you want to tell everyone about how great it is, but remember: not everyone is as interested in it as you.

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And no matter how much you love Bitcoin and believe it’ll take over the world, there are some things you just shouldn’t say to family members when it comes to cryptocurrency. Especially at the family Christmas dinner. That is, of course, unless you want to start a movie-esque fight at the dining room table.

If you want to keep the peace this year, here are five things you should definitely avoid saying at the table.

1. Don’t tell your father-in-law he should put his 401k into bitcoin

Your father-in-law already thinks you’re a bum because you work at home with your “Bit Coins” while his daughter is out working 9-to-5 to support your family. So, you’re just going to make him mad if you tell him to gamble his life savings on “some damn computer gold that you can’t even touch in real life!”

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We know, he doesn’t understand that you’re just a few BTC away from being a millionaire, and that you’ve used bitcoin to pay off your house and start a college fund for your kids. But he’s your wife’s dad — if you piss him off, you piss her off. Happy wife, happy life.

2. Don’t tell your brother he’s a statist slave for giving his kids their allowance in fiat

He’s still older and bigger than you, and he can still kick your ass. Give your nieces and nephews paper wallets for Christmas if you want, but don’t make it political. Pick your battles.

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Just keep mocking him for paying taxes and driving on roads. That’ll teach him. Although if you have your BTC millions on Coinbase, you should definitely pay all your taxes too.

3. Don’t call your grandma stupid for not understanding bitcoin

Your grandma survived the Great Depression, worked in a steel mill during the war, put your dad through college, and retired after 40 years working in an office of a Fortune 500 company.

The Odyssey Online

She’s 100 years old, man. She’s forgotten more than you’ll ever know, and she doesn’t need bitcoin.

And she says your skinny jeans are stupid, you greasy hipster. You should listen to that too, because she’s probably right.

4. Don’t tell your cousins to drop out of school and day trade cryptocurrency

Your aunt will literally kill you. Right after your cousin buys her a Lambo.

5. Don’t play Roger Ver videos at the dinner table

Love him or hate him, Roger Ver would likely cause a fight at a Bitcoiner family dinner, and bore a regular family to death.

Roger Ver
Bitcoin Error Log

If your grandma doesn’t even know what Bitcoin is, she’s definitely not going to care whether or not Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin.

We have to admit though, Roger Ver videos are pretty funny.

How will you bring up Bitcoin with your family this Christmas? Let us know in the comments.

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