Friday, February 3, 2023

Bitcoin’s Chinese Revolution: Watch the Movie Trailer

Bitcoin’s Chinese Revolution: Watch the Movie Trailer

Bitcoin is a revolution — one that will upend the financial world as we know it, and free the masses. It’s also made mostly in China. Mined in huge factory farms with silicon trucked from Guangdong, before being sold on huge exchanges and sent around the world. Also, it has no physical form.

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Ask yourself — would you have believed that story in 2008? How times have changed.

Now BitKan has released the first teaser for “Bitcoin: Shape the Future” — its documentary on China’s unexpected role in the world money revolution. Get a quick taste of the drama and intrigue here:

Yes, folks — your money of the future was made by Chinese guys with names like “Friedcat”. Not only that, but one day in 2015 Friedcat simply vanished without a trace — and has never been found. That, and other odd tales, are in the documentary.

Two guys who have definitely not vanished are Jihan Wu and Roger Ver. They both speak their minds in the documentary too, along with Huobi’s Leon Li and many others.

You’re Invited to the Premiere – in Beijing

BitKan will premiere the full documentary at their one-day “Shape the Future” summit in Beijing on Sunday 10th September. Many of the people featured in the movie will speak at the event, along with special guest John “$500,000 Bitcoin bet” McAfee.

You’ll have to come to Beijing for the party — but hey, it’s the center of the financial universe now. You wouldn’t want the revolution to happen without you…

Find out more about the summit event and documentary here:

Bitkan documentary

Are you interested in watching the film? Why? let us know in the comments.

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