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Bitfinex Users Reporting Fiat Deposits not Processing

BREAKING: Complaints are surfacing regarding fiat deposits not being confirmed and credited, Bitsonline reports. Bitsonline has received reports of consumers getting deposits bounced back or receiving similar errors, in addition to having margin positions liquidated as a result of not being able to add collateral.

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Claims Fiat Deposits Are Being Rejected

Found on Reddit, Bitfinex representative Garbis explained:

I am aware of the delayed and rejected deposits from the past couple weeks; from what I understand, some of our banking relations were changed and that led to the present situation.

No announcement of any related developments has been made by Bitfinex. If accurate, they have been aware of these issues affecting customers for some time now.

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Deposits typically take 3-4 days to process, though in that same time period some users are getting their money bounced back to their bank account. In some cases, however, neither a completed deposit nor bounce back is occurring and the customers are being left in limbo.

In the case of the previously mentioned Reddit link, the user was receiving inadequate customer service until going to Reddit, upon which he received a response within a few hours. The user did indeed get money deposited today (6/25) on their fourth attempt, and with some delay.

Bitsonline has been told some users have been waiting as long as 2-3 weeks with no response from Bitfinex, dealing with pending deposits upwards of $50,000 or even 100,000 USD.

This news comes days after longtime CSO Phil Potter left his position with the company.

Unconfirmed reports of a potential double spend vulnerability have recently surfaced as well.

Bitsonline will continue to track this developing story and continue to provide updates as they come in.

[Update: June 26th, 5:55 AM EST] A search of deleted posts on Reddit’s Bitfinex subreddit revealed a number of submissions deleted by moderators with similar questions/complaints:

USD deposits are returned
About wire transfer depoist USD to Bfinex.
Deposit Enquiry [#509288]
Bitfinex deposit issue
Deposit Issue! Transfer not showing up!

Are you a Bitfinex account holder? Are you experiencing any abnormalities or difficulties with your account? Please let us know, or post in the comments.

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