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BitKan Bi-Weekly Update: Mining Summit, New K Site Enhancements, and More

BitKan has released its latest bi-weekly report on the KAN Project and K Site crypto community information portal. Hot updates include 20 fresh news sources, more on the DT24 campaign, and previews of plans for better tipping and P2P transactions between users.

K Site Improvements

Five mentors are already participating in the “DT42” campaign, chosen by tipping raised from K Site members. On the tipping front itself, a new tips mechanism is currently being tested and is set to go live soon.

New Collaborations

BitKan has also entered into a collaboration with China’s Baidu Knows, together they are planning to create content and highlight interesting topics based on community interests.

BitKan also co-organized the “Cryptocurrency Token and Private Blockchain” meetup in Chongqing city, with Zhimi University, 8BTC, Bitmain, NULS, and Yunshi Finance.

World Digital Mining Summit

The three-day World Digital Mining Summit, which BitKan is producing in partnership with Bitmain, is set to begin in Tbilisi, Georgia on September 21st. It will bring together mining industry representatives from Asia, Europe and the U.S. to exchange insights on where the industry is headed. 50 media sites will participate to cover the event.

For more information on all these topics, please visit BitKan’s homepage, download the BitKan mobile app, and follow @BitKanOfficial on Twitter.

K Site logo & slogan

About K-Site and KAN Token

Launched in April 2018, “K Site” is BitKan’s richly-featured news, social and communications platform for the blockchain and cryptocurrency community. It has interest groups, expert discussions, news, blog, and video content, as well as personal pages. Creators and group admins are free to charge fees for access in any currency or token they like. K Site is designed as an all-in-one portal that’s more welcoming to the crypto community than mainstream social networks.

KAN is K Site’s native token, where it is paid as rewards for popular content and as a currency for other services on the platform. It can also be traded on exchanges including Huobi Pro,, and OKEx.

About BitKan

BitKan was founded by four former employees of Huawei Technology in 2012. The startup has rapidly scaled to become one of China’s leading providers of cryptocurrency services, with recent expansion into Singapore, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

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