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BitKan Bi-Weekly Update: Successful Campaigns and Events, New Partnerships

It’s time again for the BitKan Bi-Weekly Report! There’s a lot going on this month, with new assets added to the BitKan wallet, new content partnerships, promotional campaigns and more. Read on to see all the details.

This is a press release provided by BitKan

New Product Enhancements

There are improvements right across the BitKan mobile app and site, including:

  • Optimized Market/Quote module performance;
  • Improved user experience on Market/Quote;
  • More news sources under the Information module;
  • Optimized layout of article lists;
  • More currencies to be supported in the Wallet, such as: BitShares/GAT/EOS mainnet and a majority of ERC20 tokens;
  • Revised Wallet interface, and a new community wallet;
  • Optimized registration and login process, plus a newly-enabled mobile OTP login/registration method to enhance user experience;
  • Optimized APP startup speed and shortened user waiting time.

Online Campaign Update

The semi-final round of BitKan’s “DT42” mentorship program qualifying competition has ended. The final list has been announced to the public, and a new voting round will begin around the end of October.

Meanwhile, the campaign on “Travel with BitKan” campaign has ended successfully, with users sharing fascinating and creative pictures of them using the BitKan app in various places around the world.

New Partnerships

BitKan has begun a cooperation with Beenews to share informative content, and formed a partnership with BiShijie for content collaboration. International blockchain research institute Block Kleper has also joined K Site.

Cryptobeach Conference in Thailand

Marketing director Ruby Chen delivered a great speech at the “Cryptobeach 2018” blockchain conference in Phuket, Thailand. Cryptobeach, which is also a major initiative to promote cryptocurrency use and acceptance in the local tourism industry, could usher in a new era for Thailand.

Ruby shared plans on how BitKan — as a one-stop service platform for digital assets — is dedicated to providing its users with valuable industry information, amongst other crypto data services.

Future Plans

Development of BitKan’s new trading function is well underway. The estimated completion stage will be in the 4th quarter 2018. Operation strategies for managing the trading function are currently being planned.

BitKan plans to add more varieties of news sources to its feeds, and the News module will support more social media channels and news sources, to provide the latest and complete news information for users.

About BitKan

BitKan was founded by four former employees of Huawei Technology in 2012. The startup has rapidly scaled to become one of China’s leading providers of cryptocurrency data and services, with recent expansion into Singapore, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

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