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Shared Values and Differences: Report from BitKan’s Singapore Meetup

BitKan’s meetup in Singapore on September 18th to discuss cryptocurrency exchanges, users’ needs and the future of the industry in general, was a big success with around 100 participants joining in. Held in conjunction with exchange Huobi and blockchain incubator BitTemple, it brought together various industry leaders to share their opinions.

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BitKan Singapore Meetup

Speakers talked about the challenges the industry faces and will face, as it grows internationally in very different markets and cultures. However there’s a shared vision in that both users and service providers want dependable technology and to grow the industry’s value overall.

BitKan Singapore Meetup

Redefining Value in the Crypto Industry

Sandy Liang, Operations Director at BitKan, said the crypto industry needed to redefine its notion of “value” altogether:

“For the crypto community, deciding which platform to use is just a choice; valuable information is the goal. it’s a culture of equality and freedom; more value incentive, less material reward; reflecting the real demand from users — those are the three major key points for building a good community.”

Ethan Ng, Marketing and Events Lead at Huobi Global, spoke of crypto’s global role:

“In each and every country, there are different cultures, there are different regulation standards, there are different communities, so we realized that we need this global program to scale further.”

BitKan Singapore Meetup

Other Highlights from the Meetup

Jason Zhuang, Director of, shared the challenges his company faced in building services for Ethereum in particular, and how effectively manages the nodes. Meanwhile Alexander, VP of Marketing at, said that cryptocurrency prices would normalize eventually, so what we’re seeing now are just normal market trends. The price is “sort-of” finding its real value.

Wilson, Asia Business Development Head at FBG Capital, spoke of cultural differences in the global crypto market.

He said people maybe tend to focus more on technology aspects in Europe, while in Asia he thinks people care more about trading — places such as Korea, China, Vietnam are more aggressive, while maybe Singapore and Malaysia are little bit conservative.

BitKan will continue to hold meetup events in various cities and countries around the world, gathering their unique outlooks and determining what they all have in common.

BitKan Singapore Meetup

About BitKan

BitKan was founded by four former employees of Huawei Technology in 2012. The startup has rapidly scaled to become one of China’s leading providers of cryptocurrency data and services, with recent expansion into Singapore, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

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