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Bitmain Optimizes Power and Electricity Savings With APW7 Next-Gen Miner Power Supply

Leading cryptocurrency mining hardware manufacturer Bitmain has released a new generation of miner power supply, called the APW7. Compared to the previous generation, the APW7 has been optimized and improved for both power and highest conversion efficiency, while offering more stable performance and lower electricity costs.

This is a press release provided by Bitmain.

APW7 Details and Specifications

The APW7 comes hot on the heels of Bitmain’s recent releases such as ANTBOX, Antminer S9i and other products.

Bitmain APW7 power supply

The Antminer APW7 is a high-efficiency DC power supply, designed and produced by Bitmain. It adopts the design of single-phase AC input and single DC 12V output, which can meet the common DC load use within 12V 1800W.

It is especially suitable for hardware that has strict power supply requirements, such as servers and miners. This power supply features small size, high power density and an output ripple less than 1%. It provides low-voltage, short circuit, overload and overheat protection, and can automatically resume normal operation after fault removal.

Bitmain APW7 efficiency chart
Bitmain APW7 Power Supply spec sheet

The Antminer APW7 power supply delivers a rated output power of 1800W at 220-240V input, an increase of 200W compared to the previous generation APW3++.

It’s worth noting that the maximum power of APW7 is 1000W when connected to a 110V mains power supply. Therefore, the APW7 can drive more powerful miners, improve power allowance, effectively cope with sudden increases in power, and ensure operational stability.

Highest Conversion Efficiency

Another improvement the APW7 brings is highest conversion efficiency, which has been elevated to 95%, or 1.5% higher than the APW3++. If the input power is 1000W, the output power of the APW3++ will be 935W, and the APW7 950W, under the same electricity price. The higher the power conversion efficiency, the greater the power saving.

For example: the power of the Antminer S9i-13T is 1300W. Calculating the output current as 108A, a miner using the APW7 can save about 0.462 kWh a day over using the APW3++. Assuming the electricity price is $0.1 USD/kWh, a miner who owns 1,000 mining machines can save about $16,863 USD in electricity bills a year.

Power conversion efficiency = instant output power from power supply to miner / instant power of input power × 100%

Besides, the APW7 power supply has optimized its heat dissipation design to guarantee the stability of operation under high temperature: it can work under full load within 60°C.

The Antminer APW7 power supply is now available on Bitmain’s official website. With a price of $105 USD, it can be shipped seven working days after full payment. The APW7’s official warranty period is 365 days.

About Bitmain

Bitmain, founded in 2013, has been dedicated globally to providing high speed and low power consumption ASICs, high performance and high-density server systems, as well as large-scale parallel computing and cloud computing services.

Antminer, an encrypted digital currency server independently developed and sold by Bitmain, is one of the company’s most important brands. Since the release of the first generation S1 in 2013, Antminer has been upgraded for five generations and now owns a multi-category product line like S series of Bitcoin miners, L series of Litecoin miners and D series of Dash miners, etc.

With product features such as low power consumption and high hash rate, Antminer has won the support of numerous users. Adhering to a corporate culture of Perfection, Objectiveness and Excellence, Bitmain has been continually introducing new products, bringing a better mining experience to miners all over the world.

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