BitPrim Reveals Massive Plan to Take Bitcoin Development Mainstream

Bitprim Reveals Massive Plan to Take Bitcoin Development Mainstream

According to Juan Garavaglia, his Bitprim project will make it easy for the world’s top programmers to contribute to the ever-complex Bitcoin code.

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Bringing Bitcoin to the Masses With BitPrim

After fully revealing their platform to the public for the first time at The Future of Bitcoin conference in Arnhem, Netherlands, Garavaglia sat down with Bitsonline to get into the details of Bitprim’s vision.

According to Garavaglia, developers currently have a hard time getting involved in Bitcoin due to the complexity of the technology. Bitprim, he said, wants to lower that learning curve for the new developers.

The project aims to achieve this goal by providing easy-to-use development tools that allow programmers to build on Bitcoin in almost any programming language. If successful, Bitprim will bring in more developers, which will in turn make Bitcoin more robust.

“With no developers,” Garavaglia told Bitsonline, “there is no future.”

Watch the full interview with Juan Garavaglia below:

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