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Exchange Bitso Taking Bitcoin Donations to Help Mexico Quake Victims

Exchange Bitso Taking Bitcoin Donations to Help Mexico Quake Victims

Mexico-based bitcoin exchange Bitso is calling for donations to help those affected by yesterday’s earthquake. The huge 7.1 magnitude quake struck the center of the country near Mexico City around noon, demolishing buildings and killing over 200 people.

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Bitso is accepting donations in BTC, ETH and Ripple XRP. The company said it will send half the contributions to the Mexico Red Cross and half to the local earthquake rescue brigade. It’s using the hashtag #BitcoinAidMexico on social media.

Bitso Verifying Donations at Mexican Central Bank

Donation addresses appear on the company’s website and blog post. Bitso is a well-known name in cryptocurrency, serving the Mexican and Latin American exchange market since its launch in early 2014.

The company will liquidate funds every Friday at noon for the next four weeks. It’s also verifying donations received with official receipts from Mexico’s central bank — which anyone can view online (see instructions on the site).

With all cryptocurrency donation campaigns, it’s important to verify the addresses are genuine before sending.

The best way to do this is use only the addresses listed on the official site — while it’s not 100 percent tamper-proof, it’s still better than copying addresses from possibly-fake social media accounts or other sites.

Bitso banner

Buildings Collapsed Near Company HQ

Bitso’s VP of payments José Rodríguez was in Mexico City when the quake happened. He and Jeff Berwick of The Dollar Vigilante. uploaded a video to Facebook earlier describing what Rodríguez saw.

“Everything was moving around. It was quite a while that it lasted … there was broken glass, trees … everybody started evacuating, it was crazy. Glass was falling down, everyone was screaming. Less than a block away a building collapsed, other buildings collapsed.”

Bitso was already raising funds for earthquake victims — an even stronger tremor struck Oaxaca in Mexico’s south on 7th September, killing over 90 people. The new fundraiser uses the same addresses as the existing one.

“It doesn’t matter how big or little the (donation) is,” Rodríguez. “Everything helps.”

Image via AFP

According to the BBC, the quake’s epicenter was near Atencingo, 75 miles from Mexico City. However a third of the known deaths so far were from the densely-populated capital. As well as the extensive structural damage and injuries, millions of people are without electricity or communications.

Do you know anyone who was in the area affected by the two disasters? Let us know.

Images via Bitso, AFP

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