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Happy First Birthday to Bitsonline and Thanks for the Awesome Year! Now What’s Next?

Happy First Birthday to Bitsonline and Thanks for the Awesome Year! Now What’s Next?

One year ago now we officially launched Bitsonline — and what a year it’s been! Steady growth, a few crazy months and an earthquake that split Bitcoin in two. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our readers — who’ve gone from zero to over two million a month — for joining us, and invite you along to the next stage of the ride. In 2017 we hit the mainstream, that cool band we followed for years in local clubs has been playing stadium gigs, and now there’s no taking it back. Just wait till you see what we’ve got next!

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Wasn’t That Great?

For us though, 2017 was no baptism of fire. The Bitsonline team has years of experience working in the Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and general technology media. We know the beat well, having helped establish and worked full-time on publications like News, CoinDesk, Bitcoinist, CryptocoinsNews and many others. In many cases we were with those sites in their earliest days, getting them established and helping them find their voice in the industry.

We all followed Bitcoin and crypto from obscurity to the wild euphoria of 2013, and slogged through the two-year bear market that followed. With investor money turning to corporate blockchains and the relatively new phenomenon of ICO token sales at the start of 2017, we wondered if anyone would even be interested in a new Bitcoin news site.

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We’re happy to say it was probably the best time ever to launch — cryptocurrencies came back with whoops and cheers for their wildest rock star night yet, this time literally arriving in Lamborghinis and private jets. And even though the industry’s now working through a post-party hangover, we’re here with our percolators and ready to hit the town when the lights come on again.

Now Hold on for What’s Coming Next

When we first launched, we wrote:

“We’re proud to officially launch Bitsonline — a media portal for all things Bitcoin, crypto, fintech and the technology that frames it all.”

It seems kind of understated now. Just as the Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is growing exponentially, so is online media changing. Our users want more than just something to read — they want rich content, useful and real-time data, and interaction with each other. In 2018 we’ll keep building Bitsonline to deliver all that.

We truly love what we do, and it shows in the content we create. We have a distributed, international team that travels the world looking for the most interesting stories, and we’re always looking for more creative ways to cover them. If you have the skills and talent to join in, we’re happy to hear from you.

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Our Team Has Seen It All

Since 2012 we’ve seen our industry expand and mature. When we started in this business, Bitcoin was more of an enthusiast’s hobby. We had the vision then to predict it’d become a global economic phenomenon, and now it’s happening. We’ve been through the price bubbles and depressing slumps.

We’ve seen altcoins launch, pump, die, rise again, and continue to surprise one way or other. We’ve watched banks and corporations jump onboard with sudden declarations of love for “Bitcoin’s underlying blockchain technology”. We’ve seen crazy dreams and curious successes. We’ve seen our political leaders first denounce, then question, then even embrace this technology.

The Bitsonline team has seen epic fails, hacks, scams, and plunges along with the triumphs and moonshots. And we rode them all while trying to find out what happened and why. Technology media has a duty to create a new audience as well as serve the existing, more knowledgeable one — finding the right balance of explanation and tech detail is essential.

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Where Bitsonline Stands

In our years on the job we’ve also realized how technology defines our wider existence. Bitcoin began to grow at the same time a contractor called Edward Snowden revealed the true extent of government surveillance. And that was just the beginning. These days, we realize that protecting our rights and freedoms online will be an enduring struggle — from which new, exciting and even terrifying technologies will emerge.

We’re still here to document where it all leads. It’s about far more than just Bitcoin and money now, and our stories reflect that. We’re not political and we don’t support any one protocol or ideology over another — except that we love Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain, and we want them all to make our lives better. If it all starts going in the opposite direction, you bet we’ll take a stance.

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