Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Bitsonline Debuts Technology and Cryptocurrency Podcast

Bitsonline Debuts Technology and Cryptocurrency Podcast

BitsOnline launches their cryptocurrency and technology news podcast following their entrance into online news media. The show covers a range of topics, from crypto scam-busting to online privacy and security.

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Bitsonline Podcast: More Than Crypto Drama and Politics

Bitsonline’s podcast takes a less conventional approach to the cryptocurrency news-show format, with a much wider-ranging scope than productions like I Am Not Your Lawyer and Bitcoin Uncensored. The show covers a range of topics while integrating cryptocurrency in its coverage, while discussing it from the lens of the layman.

Bitcoin media has become insular to a fault in the pest few years. The aim of this new podcast is to break out into the general tech audience with accessible coverage of the lower level concepts that seem to be poorly understood among otherwise tech savvy people.

The inaugural episode covers issues with property rights, the right to repair, bad security, disgusting linux-isms, the difficulties inherent in broadcast journalism. This show also outlines the structure and format of episodes to come. Tune in next week for a more robust, information and news filled offering.

Future special episodes will include informational, non-news focused content on cryptocurrency subjects, reviews and tutorials in step with Bitsonline’s core content. Stay tuned for a variety of unique audio content in the coming weeks.

Listeners can access the podcast for free on Podbean, Stitcher, gPodder and iTunes, and episodes will be published on a weekly basis. Music for the podcast is graciously provided by D’Angelo Pugh. All podcast material is recorded and edited on open-source software, being fully written and produced by the presenter, Tyson O’Ham. All editorial content is completely independent, does not represent the views of our advertisers or partners, and any future underwriting or sponsorship will be fully disclosed in each episode, along with full disclosure of any sponsored audio content.

Listen to the first episode below:

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