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Bitstamp Adds Bitcoin Cash, Will Credit BTC Holders’ Accounts

Bitstamp Adds Bitcoin Cash, Will Credit BTC Holders’ Accounts

Bitstamp announced today its trading platform will support Bitcoin Cash “by the end of September 2017”. The company had previously advised anyone wishing to claim the currency to withdraw before Bitcoin’s hard fork.

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It will use the BCH abbreviation for Bitcoin Cash, unlike Chinese companies which so far seem to prefer BCC. The brief announcement read:

“Now that the stability of the newly created fork has been confirmed, we have also decided to add support for BCH trading as well. The following pairs will be available: BCH/BTC, BCH/USD and BCH/EUR.”

Bitstamp will also award the new coins to users who kept Bitcoin there at the time of the fork. It will calculate BCC/BCH balances from their BTC holdings on 1st August.

Prior to the fork, the exchange said “In Bitstamp’s view, BCC is an altcoin” and said its main priority was keeping users’ funds secure. However it did note at the time that it may change the policy at a future date.

Customers Asking for Bitcoin Cash Balances

Bitstamp said the move was “in response to the high levels of customer demand for Bitcoin Cash”

As would be expected, the company received mixed responses to its announcement. However the vast majority were positive.

Bitstamp joins other companies who previously said they wouldn’t support Bitcoin Cash, but changed their mind later. These include popular wallets and exchanges like Coinbase and Jaxx.

These are all signs that enthusiasm for Bitcoin Cash is not fading, as some expected (or even hoped). The forked coin has held its ground fairly steadily recently, and is (at press time) one of only two top-ten assets on CoinMarketCap to gain value over the past 24 hours. It’s currently $516 USD. (For the record, the other gainer is Monero.)

Bitstamp also trades BTC, LTC, ETH, and XRP (Ripple). Based in Europe, it took over as the world’s most popular digital currency trading platform from Mt. Gox in 2013. It now sits around tenth place in USD volumes.

Do you have an exchange account? Do you trade Bitcoin Cash? Tell us what you think.

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