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Blockchain Related Events During Art Basel Miami 2019

Art Basel in Miami Beach is the leading art event for the Americas.  The event lasts all week, and is spread out throughout the city. In conjunction with the official exhibition, many individual groups and galleries put on their own decentralized and independent shows.  This includes many blockchain and technology related art events as well. Below is a guide for all things related to blockchain and tech that will be going on during Art Week 2019 in Miami.

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Art Basel Blockchain Events

The main spot for blockchain related events will be, of course, the Blockchain Center Miami.  They will be hosting Art-x-Tech at their location, which includes events in the afternoons and evenings from Tuesday through Friday.  These will include panel discussions about tokenizing art, demonstrations of AR/VR technology as it relates to creating or viewing art, and a class about embedding private keys into artwork.

On December 4th, the Center will also be conducting a panel about tokenizing physical artwork at the SCOPE Miami Beach Pavilion.  

Blockchain Events All Over Miami

Wynwood is a community in Miami that has become known for its artistic expression and world-class graffiti.  On December 5th – 8th, there will be a Contemporary and Digital Art Fair at MANA Wynwood. They will be featuring artwork and artists that use technologies such as projection mapping, augmented reality, and blockchain tokenization.

On December 5th, Venture Cafe will be hosting Art Tech.  This event starts at 8:00am and will be packed full of panels and workshops.  Along with all the presentations, there will even be a hackathon for independent game developers who want to explore adding digital art and blockchain tech into their games.  Most of the presentations will revolve around creating content for the MagicLeap platform, and other AR/VR applications. Some of the blockchain related workshops that are being offered include a class on creating NFTs on the WAX Blockchain, and combining cryptocurrency with AI and AR to create new revenue opportunities for Artists & Gallery Owners.

On December 6th – 8th will be The Art Plug Powerhouse, hosted at The Citadel.  This event will feature multiple parties, a series of panels, over 60 artists exhibiting their work, and 25 different interactive installations.  There will also be a discussion about how blockchain technology works and applies to the art industry with Olive Allen and Jeremy Gardner.

Miami Art Week at a Glance:

With so many blockchain art events, it can get a bit overwhelming to keep track of them all. Here is a list of all the events described above in outline form for ease of reference:

  • 12/03 – 12/06 – Art x Tech @ Blockchain Center Miami
  • 12/04 – Scope Art Show Blockchain Panel
  • 12/05 – 12/08 – CADAF Miami – Contemporary and Digital Art Fair
  • 12/05 – Art Tech Miami Expo
    • Venture Cafe
    • Hackothon / project competitions
    • Magicverse Blockchain Art & Games Workshop with WAX Creator Self-Service Tool to Create NFTs on the WAX Blockchain
    • Combining AI / AR / Cryptocurrency as new revenue opportunities seminar
    • MagicLeap demonstrations
    • Other panels and talks
  • 12/06 – 12/08 – The Art Plug Powerhouse
    • The Citadel Miami
    • 25 art activations and installations
    • gallery exposition of over 60 renowned artists
    • art charity auction in partnership with Paddle8 and Best Buddies
    • live extreme sports performances with world-wide recognized daredevils and stuntmen showcased by Red Bull athletes
    • a series of artist lead panels and talks
    • live performances provided by Atlantic Records
    • How blockchain technology works and applies to the art industry with Olive Allen and Jeremy Gardner.

Will you be attending Miami Art Week this year?  What events are you looking forward to most of all?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Images via Art Basel Miami

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