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I’m Just a Simple Blockchain Farmer, Tending to My Bitcorn Crops

I’m Just a Simple Blockchain Farmer, Tending to My Bitcorn Crops

Who remembers Farmville? You know, that addictive but useless Facebook game where you spent time and money tending your crops and got… well, nothing much. Growing cryptocurrency tokens instead of crops could spice it up a bit, and that’s the point behind “Bitcorn Crops” — a new digital asset class set to challenge RarePepes and CryptoKitties for attention at the odd end of the spectrum.

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Bitcorn: Counterparty’s Latest Blockchain Meme Innovation

Bitcorn Crops (CROPS) are Counterparty assets that raise funds for the “idle” farming game, called Bitcorns. Participants buy CROPS with BTC, which are then used to fund game development and promotion, as well as buy access to additional game features.

How to describe Bitcorns the game? It appears to be a kind of cross between actual country life, and bitcoin hodling. The homepage describes it as such:

“Bitcorns is an idle game of accumulation, similar to AdVenture Capitalist, where the only objective is to accumulate BITCORN. BITCORN cannot be bought, rather, it gets harvested by bitcoin addresses (“farms”) proportionate to their share of 100 CROPS. Deceptively simple, accumulating BITCORN takes an amount of restraint most people do not possess.”

There’s also an interesting prize when the game reaches its conclusion in the year 2022.

Bitcorns cows
Some aspects of the game reflect the experience of being a crypto hodler

Crypto Corn, Harvests and Crop-Dusting

Buy CROPS and your BTC address becomes a “farm” which harvests another in-game token called BITCORN. Unlike CROPS, BITCORN cannot be bought — only harvested on the virtual farms. However the project’s white paper says:

“Although transferrable between players over the Counterparty network, there is no guarantee, promise, or plan to make BITCORN and CROPS useful outside of the game.”

There will actually only be 100 CROPS tokens created — however, like bitcoin, they are each divisible into 100 million units. 92 tokens will be available for the crowdsale, with five going to developers and the remaining three to be airdropped, or (as Bitcorns puts it) “crop-dusted” into other Counterparty-based games to support the ecosystem.

Gameplay and the Unusual Prize

That’s all interesting, but is the Bitcorns game itself any good? There’s only an alpha version live on the site at the moment, with a beta release coming soon. The catalog of farms and their artwork is fairly similar to the RarePepe one — in other words, it will probably seem cool to players and initially bewildering to newcomers.

Bitcorn logoThe intention is for farms to have actual, real-world economic value, though. Players can band together to form not-very-capitalist-sounding collective farms, which will increase their total value and likelihood of winning.

So what does the winner actually get? When the game finally expires in four years’ time, the winner receives “bragging rights” in the form of a single cryptographic Counterparty asset called BRAGGING — the only one of its kind.

The mystery after that will be, how much will the one BRAGGING token be worth? More than Martin Shkreli’s single pressing of the new Wu-Tang Clan Album? We’ll find out in 2022.

In any case, it’s a lot more purposeful than Farmville. Anyone know anyone who still plays that after four years? It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Does Bitcorns sound like a game you’d play? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments.

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