New Journalism Scandal Highlights How Blockchain Can Help

New Journalism Scandal Highlights How Blockchain Can Help


Douglas Maughan, the Department or Homeland Security’s cybersecurity division director for the Science and Technology Directorate, recently commented that blockchain applications are “almost limitless.” We agree. And these solutions are not just economical, but political, as highlighted by the recent censorship of editorial integrity at the The Denver Post newspaper. 

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Gutted News Coverage

As regards American Journalism, The Denver Post has become ground-zero as far as investors coming in and, well, changing up just about everything to the detriment of the Post‘s journalists.

The newest owners of the Post are Alden Global Capital, who’ve apparently been decimating morale at the the paper, with five editors having left the paper over the last two weeks. Editorials have been censored, and the staff’s been enraged accordingly.

To that end, previous Post owner Dean Singleton noted the Post has “been totally gutted of news coverage […] It is breaking my heart.”

As Nieman Labs reports:

“First came the resignation of Chuck Plunkett — the [Post] editorial page editor whose six-page section a month ago calling his paper’s owners ‘vultures’ lit this fire.

DFM [Digital First Media, i.e. owned by Alden Global Capital] bosses were considering firing or reassigning Plunkett, but he got ahead of the process. Once DFM chief operating officer Guy Gilmore mandated that any editorials mentioning the company must be pre-approved by him, the die was cast. Plunkett wrote an editorial about DFM firing his colleague, Boulder Daily Camera editorial page editor Dave Krieger and about the subsequent condemnation of that act by the Boulder City Council. Plunkett submitted that piece, Gilmore rejected it and Plunkett headed out the door.”

In first-world civilization, journalistic censorship shouldn’t exist. Cue in blockchain innovations accordingly.

Civil, DNN Point Toward Media Not Being Beholden to Big Money

The recent censorship episode surrounding The Denver Post points toward a future in which journalists won’t be beholden to investors, but rather just the truth itself courtesy of decentralization.

There are blockchain journalism plays like Civil and DNN that are already moving toward a future where supportive patrons, not biased investors, help pay for the news via decentralized blockchain platforms.

The common quip that “blockchain is a solution without a problem” is not tenable, then. There are loads of political problems that blockchain tech can be pointed toward solving, and sovereignty has to do with most of them.

We think blockchain tech is the future of politics, not just economics. And newspapers could soon enough have more independence than ever if so.

Do you think decentralized news is the future of newspapers? Sound off in the comments below. 

Images via The Business Journals, Colorado Public Radio

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