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Bluzelle Announces First Wave of Blockchain Collaborations

Bluzelle Announces First Wave of Blockchain Collaborations

Decentralized database provider Bluzelle, which is making it easier for enterprises and dApp developers to pull data quickly and easily for websites and applications from databases stored in a decentralized network, today announced a number of key collaborations.

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While several companies, including Filecoin and Storj, are already working on decentralized file storage, Bluzelle is creating a network of decentralized online databases.

Bluzelle Announce First Wave of Blockchain Collaborations

0x is an open protocol for decentralized exchange on Ethereum. A core part of their business is having relayers connect makers and takers via off-chain order books. Bluzelle is building on top of 0x to offer relayers a standard and consistent database service.

Zilliqa is blockchain protocol focused on delivering high throughput – scaling to thousands of transactions per second. Bluzelle and Zilliqa are working together to provide an integrated solution so users building dApps with Zilliqa as the underlying blockchain can use Bluzelle for decentralized data storage.

Bee Token
With its home-sharing platform, Bee Token and its Bee Protocols are a set of Ethereum smart contracts providing developers the tools to rapidly launch new decentralized applications. In what you could call a merging of swarms, Bluzelle will work with Bee Token to be the underlying database solution for Bee Token customers. 

“We’re delighted to be working with these groups as they are all seasoned technology teams working on core parts of the blockchain ecosystem. We are actively engaged with other great projects and we are excited that in the coming months we will be announcing more,” commented Pavel Baines, CEO of Bluzelle.

About Bluzelle

Bluzelle is the decentralized database service for dApps. Just as decentralized services like Filecoin and Storj are needed for file storage and management, Bluzelle is needed for data storage and management. It makes the decentralized internet complete, complementing these other components and solving a major infrastructural need.

Bluzelle combines reliable ‘swarm’ technology, boundless scaling ability and dynamic performance to ensure the decentralized Internet can scale and run efficiently.

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