Bokocloud: Another Exploration and Collaboration in Blockchain for China and the UK

Bokocloud: Another Exploration and Collaboration in Blockchain for China and the UK

The blockchain network has spread all over the world, and the result is that an increasing number of public chains and underlying technologies are in urgent need of larger, safe and convenient full-node services. Bokocloud, the world’s first blockchain infrastructure service provider, recently joined the China-UK Blockchain Association in central London, UK and leading UK university, University College London. This is the first time that Bokocloud has come abroad, and it has been warmly welcomed by overseas users.

This is a press release provided by the China-UK Blockchain Association

Bokocloud UCL

University College London (UCL) was founded in 1826 and is located in London. It is one of the world’s top public research universities, ranking among the top ten in the world. It is a globally important British university with a top reputation. In the official 2014 University Rankings (REF), University College London ranked second in the UK, second only to Oxford.

The UCL blockchain researchers and scholars expressed their excitement at the conversation, which deepens their understanding of the mining machine Bokocloud. At the same time, it also a member of the UK-based China-UK Blockchain Association. The Association is a bridge connecting Chinese financial technology entrepreneurs, investors and experts with the UK financial technology community.

China-UK Blockchain Association co-founder Dr. Hui Gong said:

“We welcome the participation of Bokocloud joining as a vital community member in our network. The core vision of the China-UK Blockchain Association is to improve and transform the existing distributed ledger ecosystem by bringing together key influencers and organisations from the public and private sectors. We are committed to the globalisation and mainstream adoption of blockchain technology and vow to be the most connected platform for blockchain communication. The joining of Bokocloud has greatly expanded our resource network.”

Bokocloud hardware
A square box with a solid navy colour and a cable and power cord plus a product manual — this is what Bokocloud is shipping.

Bokocloud is a high-performance infrastructural machine for blockchain data computing. To meet the growing computing demands due to more digital tokens, Bokocloud is developed using NAS and CDN technologies. Compared to other NAS hardware, Bokocloud can guarantee 100% use of capacity. The key to Bokocloud is to include bopocoin, its core blockchain technology value realisation. The user is allowed to generate cashflow by mining bopocoin. Bopocoin can be utilised in the Bokocloud ecosystem in exchange for other valuable services and products, creating a closed-end value circle.

Blockchain technology is considered to be the next generation of disruptive technologies after steam engines, electricity, and the Internet. As a machine for building a trustless system, blockchain will revolutionise the way human values are transmitted throughout society. So, in the blockchain era, Bokocloud seems to be a good choice.

Images via Bokocloud, Pixabay

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