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Brock Pierce: ‘I Try to Help Those That Are Helping Others First’

Back in the 1990s, Brock Pierce was a movie star. Since then he’s become a high-profile investor in a number of tech startups and, more recently, as the face of several projects in the cryptocurrency industry. In that situation, anything he puts his name to will benefit from that star power. So how does he decide what’s worthy of it? And why is he happy to publicly support the industry? We caught up with him at CoinAgenda Asia in Singapore last week to ask.

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Brock Pierce on Choosing Who to Work With


“I try to help everyone. I live my life in service, and I try to help those that are helping others first,” Pierce says. From there, his role is to maximize the impact of those projects.

Pierce also told us about the current status of his role with EOS, who he calls “old friends”. It’s one of the few projects he’s been formally involved in, something he says he doesn’t do that often, to avoid having his hands tied. He’s no longer formally with EOS creators, but remains a supporter — just as he is with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and cryptocurrency technology in general.

Compounding Impact: Look to the Emerging Market Regions

Pierce’s talk at CoinAgenda Asia was about “compounding impact” in the projects he thinks are changing the world and the way we use money. And he’s always looking for that next thing.

He spoke on which regions are most likely to show the biggest growth, and those are the world’s developing/emerging markets are the places to watch. Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia are promising — but which one first? Watch the whole interview to find out why he thinks the Philippines deserves particular attention.

If you were a famous face, what would your criteria be for choosing projects and companies to support? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments.

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