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U.S. Cannabis Conference and Expo Comes to Miami

The 2018 U.S. Cannabis Conference and Expo will be hosting its first conference in Miami later this week. The conference promises to provide an opportunity for members of the legal cannabis industry to network together and educate themselves about important developments in this fast-paced and ever-changing industry.

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Among the topics to be discussed include medical training for physicians, technology and production methods, as well as the latest legal and accounting developments.

The keynote speakers this year will be Aaron Smith, Andrew DeAngelo, and Keith Stroup. Aaron Smith is one of the founders of the National Cannabis Industry Association, an industry advocacy and lobbying group.

Andrew DeAngelo is the founder and director of Harborside, the world’s largest dispensary. Keith Stroup is the founder of the National Organization for the Reform Of Marijuana Laws (NORML). He will be discussing best practices and how to get into the industry in a responsible and sustainable manner.

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For The Doctors

There will be many opportunities to learn about the latest in technology and legal developments in the cannabis industry. One of the primary educational opportunities will be the Medical Marijuana Physicians Training and Certification sessions. This series of presentations will comprise the entire afternoon of the first day of the event.

The sessions will focus on bringing physicians up to speed with current best practice, focusing heavily on state requirements and certification that physicians need in order to start prescribing medical cannabis in Florida.

This is a unique opportunity, because most cannabis conferences do not provide much technical or legal information specifically tailored towards physicians.

And Everything Else

There will also be the more typical types of discussions commonly seen at cannabis conferences. These include business, marketing, and networking sessions held throughout the entire conference.

In addition, there will be presentations that will cover the latest developments in technology used for medical cannabis production, with specific attention on new types of lighting, designed to maximize yield while minimizing electricity costs. Legal sessions will cover the history of cannabis laws, the status of federal legalization, the status of non-psychoactive cannabinoids like CBD, as well as the production of industrial hemp.

Because of the cannabis industry’s unique quasi-legal status, there are many accounting and financial requirements that must be followed by industry participants. The accounting and investment sessions will cover these, with specific attention paid to 280E. The industry faces a number of hurdles when it comes to accessing financial services. Blockchain technology could provide answers to these pressing concerns.

280E deals with taxation and the ability (or inability) to deduct expenses. There will also be sessions discussing investment-related interests specific to the industry, as well as a session for cannabis entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas and businesses. The Crypto Cannabis Conference earlier this year raised a number of concerns and possible solutions to the industry’s precarious legal status.

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The Most Important Question–Will There Be an Afterparty?

One of the more exciting things to look forward to will be the networking afterparties, taking place at the end of each day of the conference. In true Miami style, these parties will be hosted aboard a 225-foot mega-yacht. This will offer attendees the opportunity to network in style, cruising around Miami’s waterways.

Are you involved or looking to get involved in the cannabis industry?  Will you be attending this cannabis conference?  Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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