One Step Closer: Casper Testnet Arrives on Parity Ethereum Client

One Step Closer: Casper Testnet Arrives on Parity Ethereum Client

Ethereum’s march toward scaling continues on, with the latest development being the community’s ability to now use a simple Hybrid Casper FFG testnet on the Parity Ethereum client. There’s still much to do before Casper is finalized, but the new testnet is unquestionably an important step forward.

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Now, We Test

Parity Tech Rust developer Wei Tang, GitHub handle sorpaas, has been working with Hybrid Casper FFG and has developed a “simple validator implementation that allows a temporary testnet to work” accordingly.

Tang declared as much this week, noting gleefully on Twitter the equivalent of “It’s alive!”

Tang stressed the code would need to be “polished” and others would need to review and chime in on the implementation, but nevertheless, his blueprint actualizes a temporary Hybrid Casper FFG testnet. Hybrid, of course, because the specification details the temporary layering of proof-of-stake (PoS) over Ethereum’s proof-of-work (PoW) algorithm on the project’s longer road to a full embrace of PoS.

So it’s accurate to say PoS has been unproven to date. But that reality may not be true for much longer if testnet progress keeps pointing the way ahead.

Notably, once Hybrid Casper eventually comes to the mainnet, PoW block rewards will be slashed from 3 ether to 0.06 ether for miners as validation emphasis is shifted over to stakers.

Space to Create

Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum and current head of Ethereum venture studio ConsenSys, is pushing ahead with regulatory discussions while techniks like Wei Tang and Karl Floersch push ahead on the technical side of the community.

Lubin pictured.

Speaking from the Viva Tech conference in Paris, Lubin just said a hands-off regulatory approach is ideal while the fledgling cryptoverse is still in such a degree of flux:

“It is really valuable to have regulators in this space taking a look at some of the complicated practices in much less regulated situations [… but] cryptocurrencies, in my opinion, should remain unfettered.”

Coming from Lubin, the sentiment is no surprise. The Ethereum thought leader recently held his own against Nouriel “Dr. Doom” Roubini in a debate regarding where cryptocurrencies and blockchain go from here.

If Lubin’s arguments were correct, there’s much more ascending to do in the space, in more ways than one.

Ethereum on Top of Bitcoin Cash? Not So Fast

In the pro-Bitcoin Cash (BCH) subreddit r/btc, a thread was recently posted titled “Vitalik wanted to build Ethereum atop Bitcoin. Why don’t we let him via BCH?

In it, the OP wondered out loud whether it would make sense or be possible for Ethereum to be synergistically layered atop Bitcoin Cash.

Always one to make the rounds on the crypto subreddits himself, Vitalik Buterin quickly and politely chimed into the thread, wishing the BCH community well but clarifying he didn’t see such a team up in the cards.

“Sorry, I’m far too into base-layer proof of stake and sharding these days,” Buterin wrote. “But continue wishing you best of luck.”

PoS takes precedence, then. It’ll be the hill that the Ethereum community takes its stand on, whatever ends up happening down the road.

What’s your take? What are your hopes or trepidations over Casper? Let us know in the comments below. 

Images via Hello Lakeview, Forbes

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