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June 22, 2018 by Luke Nolan 0 Comment
South Korea Accelerating Regulation Plans Following Exchange Hacks

Government regulation in cryptocurrency is quickly defining the year of 2018, and South Korea is now poised to play a...

May 12, 2018 by Robert DeVoe 0 Comment
PIVX Launches zPoS – Fully Anonymous Proof-Of-Stake Tech

To many, proof-of-stake mining (PoS) represents an exciting and potentially lucrative alternative to proof-of-work mining. In many ways, PoS is...

May 1, 2018 by Ian Edwards 0 Comment
Japanese Regulator Pressures Exchanges Over Privacy Coins

Japan’s chief financial regulator is pressuring cryptocurrency exchanges in the country to stop listing popular privacy coins such Monero and...

March 16, 2018 by Nick Marinoff 0 Comment
Payza Integrates Dash with a Little Help from BlockCypher

Popular cryptocurrency platform Dash is teaming up with online payment provider Payza to bring its availability and services to over...

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