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January 21, 2019 by Ramiro Burgos 0 Comment
Bitcoin Price Going Sideways, But Bearish Signals Are Strong

The bitcoin price hasn't crashed further (well, not drastically) since last week. But it hasn't bounced back in a meaningful...

January 19, 2019 by Ian Edwards 0 Comment
New Open Source Cryptocurrency Grin Has Deep-Pocketed Donors

New cryptocurrency Grin launched its mainnet on January 15th. Grin is a volunteer-run project that says it's only interested in...

January 16, 2019 by Jon Southurst 0 Comment
Binance Now Trading Cryptos, EUR and GBP at Jersey-Based Exchange

Binance is living up to its promise to move further into the crypto-fiat trading market, today opening the doors at...

January 15, 2019 by Jon Southurst 0 Comment
How Your Bitcoin Losses in 2018 Could Be a Win… At Tax Time

Bitcoin investors in the U.S. who sold all or part of their holdings in 2018 lost approximately $1.7 billion USD...

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