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June 28, 2018 by Tyson O'Ham 0 Comment
Security Researcher: The Safe-T Hardware Wallet Violates Trezor License

In a tweet linking to the web interface for Archos’ new Trezor-compatible hardware wallet, the Safe-T, independent security researcher Saleem...

June 23, 2018 by Jon Southurst 0 Comment
Bitcoin Car Talk: Mike’s Car Stalled by Stallman

HUMOR: Are you planning to watch Mikeinspace's latest Bitcoin Car Talk interview? Then shame on you -- free (as in...

June 10, 2018 by Ian Edwards 0 Comment
Greenlight: EOS Community Votes to Launch Mainnet

The EOS community voted to proceed to a mainnet launch on June 9th, according to the EOS Mainnet Launch Group...

June 4, 2018 by Jon Southurst 0 Comment
Microsoft to Acquire GitHub, Home of Bitcoin and Blockchain Code Repositories

In a move guaranteed to surprise (and possibly dismay) many in the open source software community, Microsoft has reportedly agreed...

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