This category covers privacy and related issues, hacking, snooping and surveillance, data protection and security. Concerns both online and offline topics, government and corporate. Privacy may cover both deliberate and accidental intrusions upon personal space and information, as well as measures to counter them. This includes any data breach resulting in the loss and public availability of personal data like retail and service customer information, health and financial data, and identity documents. There are also many surrounding political and cultural issues, e.g.: what is the balance between rights to privacy and a need to enforce laws? Do governments have a right to monitor all financial transactions? Can companies sell your health, genetic, identity and personal records if you unwittingly signed them over in a EULA or user agreement?  

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April 2, 2019 by Jeff Fawkes 0 Comment
Against the Roots: LocalBitcoins to Change KYC-AML Policy from November 2019

On February 8th 2019, all LocalBitcoins users received a message saying the European Union is introducing new KYC-AML standards. One...

March 16, 2019 by Jeff Fawkes 0 Comment
Russia Blocks Bitcoin Sites Without Prior Investigation

The Russian Roskomnadzor -- in conjunction with the Prosecutor's Office -- has yet again attacked bitcoin exchanges and informational sites....

March 16, 2019 by Jeff Fawkes 0 Comment
Lawyer: People Increasing VPN, Tor Use to Avoid Media and Crypto Censorship

Notable Russian lawyer Sarkis Darbinyan says governments are actually making people much smarter by imposing website blockades. To avoid censorship,...

March 7, 2019 by Jeff Fawkes 0 Comment
Russian Private Crypto Users May Face 15 Years in Prison for Avoiding Registration

Anatoly Aksakov, head of the Russian Gosduma's financial markets committee, has declared he wants all crypto users to pass KYC/AML in...

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