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CCID December Findings Still Have EOS, ETH On Top

China’s Center for Information and Industry Development (going by the inaccurate acronym of CCID) sees EOS and Ethereum continue to top the list of the world’s best blockchains. Having released its 8th report on December 20th, the quasi-governmental research agency, working under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, significantly downgraded BitShares, replacing it in third spot with GXChain.

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CCID and the GPBTAI: All Blockchains Are Equal, But Some Are More Equal Than Others

The CCID releases the Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment Index (GPBTAI) monthly. With BitShares falling five places, Komodo jumped sharply to equal fourth with Ontology, although it has consistently been in the top ten in CCID rankings. Bitcoin held fairly steady, coming in at 18th.

The GPBTAI is determined using three ranking criteria: technology, applicability, and innovation. Given the CCID’s high opinion of EOS, it will be interesting to see how Telos ranks now it has forked from EOS.


Let’s Take a Look At the Three Drivers of Rank

In this month’s press release the CCID describes the three ranking levers it pulls to determine the value of the blockchains they assess.


“Basic technology mainly examines the technical realization level of the public chain, including function, performance, security, and decentralization.”


“Applicability mainly evaluates the comprehensive level of public chain support for practical applications, including node deployment, wallet application, development support, and application implementation.”


“Innovation focuses on continuous innovation in the public chain, including developer size, code updates, and code impact.”

Bitcoin and EOS are the top two performers in this category, rather curiously given the relative lack of innovative activity on the bitcoin blockchain. Although, the continued growth of the Lightning Network may be contributing to its ability to remain on top. The CCID’s first ever report was released on May 11th, 2018.

Have your say. Do you agree with the CCID rankings? Do they impact any of your decision-making?

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