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Celebrity Appearance App Set to Reshape Entertainment Industry

A new Ethereum-based celebrity booking platform aims to connect event organizers directly with artists, cutting out intermediaries and their fees. The Sydney-based startup hopes the platform will become a game-changer for entertainers and event organizers alike.

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Interact Directly With Celebrities

Launched yesterday, the blockchain application dubbed the Associated Celebrity Talent App (A.C.T.A) claims to be able to increase transparency when booking entertainers by removing middlemen and enabling event organizers to approach talent directly.

Beyond eliminating intermediaries, the Ethereum-based platform will play the role of a trusted database that will record contractual negotiations and payment terms made between parties on an immutable ledger.

A.C.T.A founder Harris Meitanis said:

“It’s a peer to peer, transformative solution that safeguards the interests of clients, talent and their representatives and provides a transparency, and better experience throughout.”

The Uber of Celebrity Entertainment

In the entertainment industry, event organizers are unable to directly interact with celebrities or their official representatives. Instead, they are often compelled to approach celebrities through a chain of third-party agents–the middlemen that make the process expensive, time consuming, and opaque.

In an interview with The Music Network, Sydney-based founder Meitanis claimed that A.C.T.A is capable of cutting down the time and effort spent scouting and booking celebrity appearances by 90 percent. The platform charges a fee of ten percent.

The blockchain-powered app, being marketed as “the Uber of celebrity entertainment,” already counts a number of celebrities on board. They include Australian singer Sophie Monk, professional mixed martial artist Robert Whittaker, comedian and television personality Paul McDermott, Australian musician Megan Washington, and television presenter James Mathison.

Titus Day, founder of talent management company 6 Degrees Management said “Finally, my talent is now always being priced transparently! My team loves the ease of use and instant notifications.”

The blockchain-powered A.C.T.A has already entered the Australian celebrity marketing industry. However, Meitanis has revealed plans to extend its services to the global marketplace.

The Aussie app aims to create a win-win scenario for both celebrities and event organizers. Using A.C.T.A, minor celebrities will have more of an opportunity to be hired to make appearances at events.


Blockchain Revolutionizing the Entertainment Industry

Blockchain technology is shaking up the global entertainment industry by offering a number of solutions to problems that plague it, such as piracy. In August this year, Australian on-demand cinema group Demand Film launched its cryptocurrency “Screencreds,” which will reward people for watching movie trailers. The cinema distributor said it will use a split-revenue model whereby filmmakers will receive a portion of movie ticket sales.

How paying audiences benefits filmmakers is unclear, and it should be noted that filmmakers already do get a portion of sales revenue. Nevertheless, Demand Films CEO David Doepel has said:

“With a cryptocurrency, the payment would be automatic. The filmmaker would get their money right away.”

The Screencreds cryptocurrency is available on Australian crypto exchange NCX and can be traded for bitcoin or other digital currencies.  

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