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Centra Wallet Released for Android and iOS

Centra Wallet Released for Android and iOS

Miami, Florida – October 12, 2017: – Centra Tech, the developers behind the world’s first multi-blockchain cryptocurrency debit card, are proud to announce that their highly anticipated Centra Wallet is being officially released on the Apple Store for iOS devices and Google Play Store for Android devices.

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The Centra Wallet App will allow users to safely store and access their blockchain assets in a secured and insured Smart Wallet. Centra’s Wallet will also allow users to send their cryptocurrencies to over 100+ countries, all without the hassle of bank exchange fees. The Centra Wallet uses advanced CCE Module technology that allows users to convert major cryptocurrencies in real time at market value to fiat.

The wallet will work seamlessly with the Centra Debit Card. Centra Wallet users will be able to control the functionality of their card, including enabling and disabling their card – all without having to contact a bank. Users can also download and use this app to apply for the debit card.

About the Project

Centra Tech, an innovative blockchain company, is developing one of the world’s first blockchain debit cards that will allow users to securely store and spend multiple cryptocurrencies with zero transaction costs. The debit card will allow users to spend their cryptocurrencies anywhere in the real world that accepts Visa or Mastercard. The goal is to bring all cryptocurrencies together and making them spendable in real life.

The project is also developing a platform that will deliver the world’s first convenient and cost-effective avenue where customers can effectively buy and sell products with cryptocurrency in an online marketplace, known as cBay. The team has also developed applications that enable users to exchange cryptocurrencies and fiat in real time with up-to-the-second accurate market rates.


Android Wallet:

iOS Wallet:

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