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CERN to Revamp its Information Technology Apparatus

CERN, home of Large Hadron Collider (LHC), is on the verge of revamping the way it handles information as it readies itself for new technological challenges that lie ahead.

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CERN Faces New ICT Challenges With Upgrades

The LHC is the most powerful particle accelerator on the planet, as well as being the most publicly-visible — as it has frequently been mentioned in pop culture.

Currently, CERN is facing new information communication technology (ICT) challenges as the institute continues a program of upgrades and consolidations to the LHC.

These upgrades are together being called the High-Luminosity LHC, which will result in increasing ICT demands with data storage requirements on the order of exabytes.

Additionally, computing capacity will need to increase to 50-100 times as it takes on more complex scientific instruments performing more exotic experiments.

In order to develop and test the new ICT solutions and techniques that help to make the ground-breaking physics discoveries possible, CERN launched its openlab.

Openlab: Helping to Make New Physics Discoveries Possible

Openlab is a unique public-private partnership that provides a framework through which CERN can collaborate with leading ICT companies to accelerate the development of these cutting-edge technologies

CERNA series of workshops and discussions were held to discuss the ICT challenges faced by the LHC research community — and other ‘big science’ projects over the coming years.

A white paper was produced as the culmination of these investigations and sets out specific challenges that are ripe for tackling through collaborative R&D projects with leading ICT companies.

With a new three-year phase of CERN openlab set to begin at the start of 2018, work has been carried out throughout the first half of 2017 to identify key areas for future collaboration.

The white paper identifies 16 ICT “challenge areas”, which have been grouped into four overarching “R&D topics” (data-center technologies and infrastructures, computing performance and software, machine learning and data analytics, applications in other disciplines).

What do you think of CERN upgrading its ICT apparatus to adapt to the changes being made to the LHC? Let us know in the comments below.

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