Friday, February 3, 2023

Clef Announces Support for Jetpack as Customers Prepare for Shutdown

Clef Announces Support for Jetpack as Customers Prepare for Shutdown

Weeks before their initially-stated shutdown, Clef is now moving back their closure date one month to help prepare remaining customers for when it finally closes up shop. It now recommends that users transition to Jetpack.

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Clef Moves to Prepare Customers for Final Shutdown

The Clef Team, via co-founders Mark Hudnall and Jesse Pollak, have recommended former customers replace Clef with two-factor authentication plugin Jetpack.

The team sees the plugin as the ideal alternative to Clef, and has partnered up with the plugin’s creators to help consumers make the switch. Clef has outlined their reasoning for the specific recommendation in their official statement regarding the matter.

For one, Jetpack offers feature parity with Clef, meaning it functions similarly to Clef.

Secondly, they believe Jetpack is a tested product worth trusting as it has been successfully used by millions of self-hosted and WordPress websites.

Finally, the plugin is supported by WordPress professionals and security professionals alike. Clef told these customers in their official statement they are “dedicated to you and your security needs.”

Because of their decision to officially support Jetpack as their preferred alternative Clef will be staying in operation for a month longer than the original closure date 6th June 2017.

Clef’s Decision to Shut Down and Support Jetpack

Clef initially made it known they were going to discontinue the plugin back in March, with CEO Brennan Bryne making the announcement in an article on the company’s blog.

This announcement surprised many, as it seemed to come out of nowhere. No-one imagined the product was under threat of being discontinued.

At the time, Clef had not recommended any specific alternative to their product, only generally pointing customers towards other login services with two-factor authentication such as Authy and Google Authenticator.

Clef’s decision to specifically recommend Jetpack was apparently made after research they had conducted following their announcement to discontinue supporting their own login method.

Furthermore, Jetpack offers more than just two-factor authentication. According to their own website, they also provide brute force attack protection, automated plugin updates, and downtime monitoring.

Additionally, the login service is offering an exclusive 20% discount off all paid plans using the coupon code “WELOVEDCLEF”.

What do you think of Clef’s support for the Jetpack plugin? Let’s hear your thoughts below.

Images Via Techcrunch, Clef, and Jetpack

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