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Coinbase President: Bitcoin Cash Could Get Listed in 2018

Coinbase President: Bitcoin Cash Could Get Listed in 2018

A few weeks ago, Coinbase released guidelines detailing how new digital assets would be considered for listing on the exchange. Now, Coinbase’s president has commented it would be “directionally accurate” to consider Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as cleanly adhering to these guidelines. 

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“Directionally Accurate”

In a December 14th interview on CNBC’s Fast Money program, Coinbase president Asiff Hirji stayed officially mum on what altcoins were going to be listed on the exchange in 2018.

However, Hirji did concede that Bitcoin Cash can be understood as being in line with all of the major criteria described in Coinbase’s new Digital Asset Framework.

Regardless of what materializes, this concession alone should have Bitcoin Cash investors salivating at the possibility of BCH being listed on the United States’ most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the coming weeks.

The comment in question came as Fast Money‘s Brian Kelly asked President Hirji whether BCH was an obvious fit for Coinbase and its associated trading exchange GDAX. He said:

“So, I’m curious on the framework that you have for these currencies. You know, could we look at the ones you’ve listed already, and would it be safe to assume that anything that kind of looks like that — and what I’m getting at is Bitcoin Cash — would [it] be ready to be listed on your platform? Because Bitcoin Cash is effectively Bitcoin. I mean that in a development way, people in the world will get mad at me if I call it the same thing.”

Hirji responded:

“I understand … at 100,000 feet that’s probably directionally accurate … You know, we have listed a series of assets, we have a digital assets framework. I think if you looked at the assets we’ve listed, and you look at the framework, you know, people can for themselves decide which assets are more likely than not to be listed.”

Analysis: Chances of Bitcoin Cash Coinbase Listing High

President Hirji’s comments were as politically shrewd as they could be while still be tethered to reality. To be clear, he didn’t officially say that Bitcoin Cash would be being listed on GDAX and Coinbase imminently.

But, in analyzing his rhetoric and demeanor, it seems apparent that he came literally just shy of admitting Bitcoin Cash was coming to the exchanges. To this end, chances look good.

Bitcoin Cash
Pres. Hirji (left) pictured with Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong.

It would make a lot of sense, too. In a technical sense, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are still relatively closely structured, making BCH already satisfy many of the standards in Coinbase’s Digital Assets Framework that BTC itself has already satisfied. Both coins hit the same marks, in that sense.

In the very least, then, Hirji’s remarks should safely place Bitcoin Cash in the highest echelon of cryptocurrencies currently being speculated on as potential listees for Coinbase and GDAX.

What do you think? Does Bitcoin Cash fit the criteria for listing or not? Would the BCH price skyrocket if it got listed accordingly? Let us know where you stand in the comments below!

Images via Bitsonline, Coinbase; video via CNBC

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