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Coinbase Seeks Engineer for ‘Any Digital Currency You Like’

Coinbase Seeks Engineer for ‘Any Digital Currency You Like’

Coinbase, one of the world’s most popular digital asset exchanges, is seeking a new senior backend engineer to expand its payments platform. The job also comes with a promise of freedom to “work on any digital currency platform you like”.

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Growth Brings New Possibilities

Brian Armstrong Coinbase CEO
Brian Armstrong

The company appears to be following through on its earlier promises to expand its product range. It announced a roadmap for growth on November 3rd.

Coinbase’s fortunes have increased with the prices of the assets it trades, and increasing awareness of cryptocurrencies. In early November the company announced it had signed up 100,000 new accounts right after the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) announced a new bitcoin futures product.

It appears the company is looking to dramatically expand its trading and payment offerings in the near future. CEO Brian Armstrong said the senior backend engineer position would be “totally undirected.”

Most responses suggested implementing segregated witness (SegWit) support should be top priority. SegWit transactions, along with new Lightning Network payments, could theoretically speed up transfers in and out of the platform.

Currently, Coinbase and its pro-trader platform GDAX offer only bitcoin, litecoin and ether trading against popular fiat currencies. Bringing new assets onto either platform would likely boost their prices.

Senior Engineer Job Requirements

In its online job posting, Coinbase said explicitly that it wants to expand its range of cryptocurrencies supported for payments, and move into new countries. It already serves over 10 million accounts in the U.S. (where it is the #1 exchange), Europe and Asia-Pac.

Requirements for the position are at least four years experience in software engineering, and prior work with Golang, Ruby, Docker, Sinatra, Rails, Postgres, MongoDB or Redshift.

Unfortunately, the first responder to Armstrong’s tweet probably won’t get the job despite his extensive qualifications. But you never know, anything’s possible in cryptocurrency these days:

Coinbase hinted it is willing to sponsor non-U.S. applicants with H1-B visas.

Are you a Coinbase user? Would you be more likely to become one if it offered a greater range? Let’s hear your thoughts.

Images via Coinbase, Twitter, Pixabay

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