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CoinMarketCap Launches Much-Awaited Tracking App for iOS

CoinMarketCap Launches Much-Awaited Tracking App for iOS

For some time, crypto traders have awaited an iOS app from the most popular cryptocurrency tracking website CoinMarketCap, and now, the wait’s over. Although the tracking market is completely saturated, CMC hopes to use its bona fides to stay at the front of the pack. 

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App Released on 5-Year Anniversary

Over the past year, CoinMarketCap has proven to be among the most popular trackers for following cryptocurrency market movements. According to Alexa, a provider of web traffic data and analytics, CoinMarketCap is the 175th most popular website in the world and ranks 167th in the United States.

To that end, CMC has grown in correlation with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies’ increasing flirtations with the mainstream. Now, five years in, the site’s new iOS app is the freshest hallmark of the tracking play’s growth.

CMC’s latest blog post explained:

“When we launched CoinMarketCap [in 2013], we were tracking seven cryptocurrencies and only a handful of exchanges and markets with a total market capitalization of approximately $1.6 bln USD. As of May 1st, 2018, we are tracking over 1,600 cryptocurrencies and 200 exchanges with a total market capitalization over $400 bln USD.”

The crypto tracker website enjoys more unique visitors than media giants such as Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal. However, CoinMarketCap’s new iOS is one of the few times the site’s expanded its purview.

App’s Up, Traders

Since the popular rise of crypto last year, there have risen plenty of apps both for Android and iOS that allow traders to track the ever-volatile values of cryptocurrencies. In that sense, the crypto tracking app business has already reached oversaturation, though most of CMC’s competitors make use of CoinMarketCap’s API. Now, then, CMC is ready to assert their own authoritative position with their inaugural app.


A CMC spokesperson noted to TechCrunch:

“Are there other places where people can get the data and do we have copycats? Sure. However, we are the only site that you can guarantee is sourcing, gathering, and verifying the data itself and we pride ourselves on being the first and best regarded within the industry”

The newly launched app features most of the services that the parent website offers. Crypto traders can sort tokens by price, name, and 24-hour percentage changes. For now, the app does not have a premium version to remove the ad banner at its bottom.

What’s more, in honor of its fifth anniversary, CoinMarketCap also redesigned its websites and upgraded its public API. CMC also plans to release acommercial API soon, which will feature historical data.

Will Coinmarketcap be able to compete with the existing apps on the app store? Share your views in the comments section.

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