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CoinMetro to Take on Coinbase With Beginner and Pro Trading Platforms

Tallinn, Estonia-based tokenized exchange platform CoinMetro is set to take on Coinbase, having today announced the launch of both simple and intermediate exchange platforms, hoping to attract both beginner and seasoned traders to its exchange.

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CoinMetro Double-Interface Exchange Launches Open Beta

CoinMetro, which already boasts a multi-currency wallet, launched open beta versions of its double-interface exchange platform today. The “simple exchange” is designed for the crypto or trading beginner, guiding users step-by-step through the process of buying crypto with U.S. dollars or trading between BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, and BCH.

CoinMetro simplified

The “intermediate exchange” is more complex, aimed at sophisticated traders and those with more experience in crypto. It boasts a range of additional features, including multiple charting options, including candle, mountain, bar, and line charts. The platforms are simulations only at this stage, and are scheduled to go into operation later this year.

CoinMetro intermediate

Coinbase Suite of Products Facing Competition

Coinbase was the first crypto exchange to separate its platforms for beginners and advanced traders by creating a suite of products targeting institutional investors, while continuing to cater to its large customer base of consumer-level traders.

In May it separated platforms from its consumer-level fiat-crypto onramp platform, Coinbase. The San Francisco-based started sought to appeal to institutional traders, via Coinbase Prime. It also created a sophisticated platform for professional traders, Coinbase Pro.

CoinMetro appears similarly positioned to cater to traders of different levels of skill, with the added benefit of not being based in such a heavily regulated jurisdiction as the U.S. CEO Kevin Murcko emphasized the need to cater to all traders:

“Crypto needs a marketplace that is accessible to all–one that caters to both beginners and advanced traders. With our current version now live for the public, we’re showcasing just how far we’ve come in achieving that goal. Our web-based beta has been built with ease of use in mind and is a major stepping stone in terms of our ultimate goal of producing a fully-integrated and regulated exchange, trading, and ICO platform.”

CoinMetro has maintained a focus on UI intuitiveness and functionality:

“Creating a user-friendly experience for this open beta–one that doesn’t exist at the expense of functionality–has absolutely been front of mind for us.”

Once fully functional, CoinMetro promises a one-stop shop for crypto traders, opening up multi-fiat options, an ICO platform, and crypto ETFs.

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