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Cointopia Launches Marketplace for Blockchain Service Providers

Today, Cointopia has announced the launch of a marketplace for blockchain services. The marketplace will reportedly help blockchain companies and service providers connect with each other and form business relationships.

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Cointopia: Connecting Service Providers With Potential Clients

According to Cointopia, its marketplace will allow project managers and development teams to post listings for services they need.

From there, prospective service providers can bid on the jobs. Project managers can then review the bids and choose a provider that best fits their needs.

Project managers can also rate the work done by service providers. These ratings are stored on the blockchain and will be visible through the marketplace’s reputation system. Theoretically, ratings will help future users find the best service providers.

Ausum Ventures founder Jeremy Gardner said this functionality will help “eliminate the weeding process” blockchain startups often have to go through when looking for service providers.

“Leveraging Cointopia’s reach into the industry’s network, we want to bridge the gap between the companies using blockchain technology and the service providers that can make them successful,” Cointopia CEO Charles Michael Yim told press.

This development is the latest project launched by Cointopia. The company’s other assets include an ICO launch pad and an upcoming exchange for security tokens.

Marketplace Environments a Historical Driver of Cryptocurrency Value

Marketplaces similar to Cointopia’s have formed a part of the blockchain ecosystem’s core fabric since the beginning.

For example, Silk Road — although a hub for illegal activity — acted as a catalyst for bitcoin demand and helped jumpstart the first major price rallies. Copycat marketplaces that followed Silk Road continued to make bitcoin useful and desirable, as well as giving utility to various altcoins.

And then, the OpenBazaar project showed that cryptocurrency could be used to purchase literally anything — not just drugs and other illegal products.

Cointopia, therefore, seems to be following a tradition in the blockchain world: using a marketplace approach to create value in the ecosystem. Ideally, this leads to further growth in the budding crypto economy.   

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