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ConnectJob Announces Token Generation Event for Gig Industry Token

ConnectJob Announces Token Generation Event for Gig Industry Token

Bitcoin Press Release: ConnectJob, announces their main token generation event which went live on February 12th following a successful two-months long pre-sale. ConnectJob aims to place the future of the $900 billion gig industry in the hands of jobbers and service seekers and has received overwhelming support from the community, surpassing its $7 million soft cap.

22nd February, 2018, Gibraltar: Technology is increasingly becoming mobile, changing business and the communication landscape. Jobs are now “on-the-go” and accessible to anybody with internet connection and the required skill-set. This gig economy has created cheaper and more efficient service delivery system, allowing workers to offer their services to the global labour market anytime, anywhere.

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As the current economy has a diabolical reputation when it comes to connecting users to service providers and vice versa with outrageous commission fees, with no guarantee for hours worked, forged reviews, and identity theft. This is all down to the absence of a transparent and decentralized platform.

Welcoming ConnectJob!

ConnectJob is set to enable users to connect with an almost limitless amount of services. Having been developed on the Ethereum blockchain protocol and backed by legally binding smart contracts, users can connect straight to jobbers for their daily chores knowing that payment will only be made once the job has been complete account to the predetermined terms. Using a completely decentralized and transparent platform this allows the users to never have to worry about not being paid by clients after a job again.

ConnectJob’s utilizes an innovative smart contract protocol and a decentralized and tamper-proof escrow system that eliminates the need for third-party intermediaries in any sort of transaction. This facilitates a direct medium of exchange for the gig economy that effectively eliminate the chief cause of the industry’s stagnation; centralization.

While set to disrupt the global labour market using blockchain technology, ConnectJob offers a completely engaging and decentralized service and engagement platform, Collaborating with only trusted and professional jobbers using an innovative reputation and identity system on the blockchain. This linking each users identity and reputation to the blockchain.

An Insurance Must

Usually in this kind of ecosystem insurance is very limited. Hiring a writer, artist, or programmer requires no insurance – they either get the job done, or simply don’t. While some jobs for instance, a driver may need some insurance in place to be able to go about his business in a legal manner. While a few platforms offer some sort of coverage for freelancers, the blurring of lines between being at work and at home has rendered traditional insurance models nearly impractical.

With no protection and benefits from the tradition terms of employment, the freelance worker often is left in the dark, being exploited by the corporate decision making due to the absence of an organized collective to backup their demand.

Vox Populi, Vox Dei  —  latin for the “voice of the people is the voice of god” 

“This is the power of democracy. For any democratic institution to survive, it must not only listen to the people, but also agree to their demands — or reach a compromise. Without the voice of the people, there can be no democracy. Without democracy, our freedom and rights become the whim of a central authority to do as they will.”

Using geolocation and smart contracts, the ConnectJob network allows users from anywhere in the world to engage professional and skilled jobbers in their local region or offer their services as one. Every engagement is backed by smart contract and each smart contract has been integrated with the local work insurance laws.

The ConnectJob CMO stated that:

“The insurance model will work according to local work insurance laws. For example in India we will work with a local blockchain-based insurance company that is endorsing the local regulation. In Dubai, same but with different laws. Every signed jobber will be covered by ConnectJob 100%, for all kind of purposes”

CJT, ConnectJob’s Native Token

ConnectJob’s native toke CJT is a dynamic and well designed to meet the needs of users an technological advancements. Offering a 10% discount on all service engagement when paying with CJT, Access to VIP and Premium service, Priority access to highly-rated jobbers during peak time, priority access to specific/exclusive services with high liquidity and top referencing with a reward distribution for milestone achievements.

ConnectJobs main token generation event is live, offering 2400 CJT per ETH with a 12% bonus on every purchase with no minimum purchase. Users can contribute to the sales using Ethereum or in Fiat..

About ConnectJob

ConnectJob is the first mobile app that aims to connect people looking for a job to be done to jobbers all over the world based on geo localisation. ConnectJob app’s objectives are to provide a Jobber to someone in need of a service and to provide potential clients to Jobbers. It allows ease of access for customers to find what they need, right at their fingertips. In another word: people helping people.

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