Bitcoin Gold's Jack Liao and Dr. Craig Wright Get Into It in Taipei

Bitcoin Gold’s Jack Liao and Dr. Craig Wright Get Into It in Taipei

nChain Chief Scientist Dr. Craig Wright and Bitcoin Gold (BTG) co-founder Jack Liao got into a verbal kerfuffle at the “Block-Chaining the Future Summit” in Taipei City, Taiwan. As the brief and heated exchange between the two men came to a head, an indignant Dr. Wright ended up walking out of the room.

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Context of the Scrap

The blockchain-focused summit, taking place yesterday and today, May 22nd to May 23rd, has now caught the attention of audiences beyond Taiwan as the brief blowout there between Dr. Wright and Jack Liao is currently picking up steam on social media.

Dr. Wright, Chief Scientist at nChain and vocal Bitcoin Cash (BCH) proponent, is no stranger to controversy, having been trailed with it ever since identifying himself as being Satoshi Nakamoto in 2016. Liao, the CEO of LIGHTNINGASIC, co-founded the Bitcoin Gold (BTG) fork, a project that’s also found itself as a common target of criticisms since its launch late last year.

The altercation as it happened.

Per a Chinese-to-English translation from Twitter user @cryptovenus, the duo started butting heads as Liao, in Chinese, reportedly lambasted the idea of claiming to be Satoshi without an adequate private key as proof, an apparent swipe at Dr. Wright’s presence. At this point, Dr. Wright interrupted by saying something to the effect of “… we’re going to do this in English, or we’re going to walk out of the conference.”

Brief Escalation

After Dr. Wright’s comment, Liao yelled “shut up!,” to which Dr. Wright stood up and replied the same. The nChain Chief Scientist complained that Liao wanted “to do this without English.”

As tempers continued to rise, Dr. Wright asked “Do you want me or him at this conference, or me and my technology ever in this country?”

The two briefly kept talking over one another before Dr. Wright eventually walked out of the room. Liao continued commenting in Wright’s absence, blasting the episode as an “insult” and saying there was no proof his opponent was Satoshi.

Dr. Wright didn’t immediately respond to my request for comment on the instigation of the kerfuffle; I will update this article accordingly if he chooses to.


The incident highlights that Dr. Wright’s presence has become increasingly controversial in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Of course, it must be noted that the rest of Dr. Wright’s time at the conference went off without a hitch.

On the flip side, Bitcoin Gold has just been mired in controversy itself, the cryptocurrency’s network having recently been the victim of double spends via 51 percent attacks:

Indeed, some have already cited the scrap as an incident of the pot calling the kettle black. From BTG’s pre-mining scandal to wallet malware, it’s a fork that’s been maligned from the get-go.

What’s your take? Are you surprised or not by the Liao/Wright blowout? Let us know where you stand in the comments below.

Images via National Geographic, BitcoinNewYork’s YouTube

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