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Craig Wright Threatens Bitcoin Community in Surprise Conference Speech

Craig Wright Threatens Bitcoin Community in Surprise Conference Speech

Craig Wright — the self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin — launched into an angry, scatterbrained rant at The Future of Bitcoin conference in Arnhem, Netherlands. Filled with expletives and harsh threats against Core and its supporters, his speech left some baffled and questioning his stability.

[Update — June 30, 2017 5:43 PM EST]: This article has been updated to add the full stream of Craig Wright’s presentation.

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Craig Wright Rants: Threatens Core, Tells Small Nodes to ‘Fuck Off’

Wright took the stage on the morning of June 30, after nChain vice president Jon Matonis yielded his speaking time to the Australian computer scientist.

Once on stage, Wright made several confusing statements and ominous threats. Giving special attention to Bitcoin Core developers, Wright referenced possible legal action against Blockstream from Australian authorities.

Craig Wright

He made further threats against the SegWit protocol upgrade, claiming to be setting up a mining pool with 20 percent of the world’s hashing power — which he will dedicate solely to blocking SegWit.

These claims come after the world’s bitcoin miners have reached a seemingly strong consensus on the SegWit2X plan resulting from the May 2017 New York Agreement.

Continuing on about scaling, Wright said the network needs big nodes regardless of the cost. He couldn’t give a “rat’s ass” about individuals running nodes on Raspberry Pi machines, he said, and told anyone that can’t afford a large node to “fuck off.”

Satoshi Claims, Legal Threats Against Skeptics

Following his anti-Core rant, Wright then fielded questions from the audience — the answers to which were just as bizarre as his presentation.

When asked if he was Satoshi, Wright refused to confirm or deny. This refusal came despite saying earlier in his presentation that he gets to choose whether or not nChain patents blockchain technology, since he “created things.”

Addressing whether or not he would dump coins in the event of a Bitcoin chain split, Wright told the audience member, “none of your business, I have financial sovereignty.”

Wright then went on to threaten those who doubt his legitimacy, saying he would pursue legal action against anyone calling him a fraud. Although he did not say who he would go after or when, his threat served as a confusing blow against his audience and the Bitcoin community at large.

Bitsonline reporter Theo Goodman recorded this excerpt from Wright’s speech:

Wright and Matonis: Co-Workers at nChain Blockchain Patent Firm

Since May, Wright and Matonis have worked together at nChain, a blockchain research company that has received flak from the Bitcoin community for pursuing dozens of patents related to blockchain technology.

Coinciding with Wright’s rant, nChain officially supports an increased block size and on-chain scaling solutions in general. When Matonis announced that he had joined the company, he described it as a “strong and effective counterbalance to Blockstream.”

Bitsonline revealed that Wright worked at nChain as chief scientist when we reported on the company’s acquisition by Europe’s High Tech Private Equity Fund in April. Matonis joined as vice president a month later in May.

Wright’s full presentation at The Future of Bitcoin can be seen here.

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Theo Goodman contributed the reporting to this article.

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