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Crypto-Centives? Björk To Give Out Crypto To Purchasers Of New Album

Crypto-Centives? Björk To Give Out Crypto To Purchasers Of New Album

In a clear first for the music industry, Icelandic pop star Björk will gift a music-related altcoin bundle to every person that buys her new album online. Björk’s high-profile status could convince other musicians to try similar campaigns going forward. 

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Proving once again that she’s willing to be at the vanguard of the confluence between music and new tech, Björk is making her first foray into the crypto space and she’s bringing her fans along for the ride.

Will Björk turn her fans into hodlers?

That’s because Björk and her record label One Little Indian Records are teaming up with U.K.-based crypto start-up Blockpool to deliver 100 Audiocoins—a cryptocurrency currently worth around 0.24 cents each at press time—to every customer who buys Björk’s upcoming album Utopia online, set to be released on Nov. 24th 2017.

Blockpool CEO Kevin Bacon told the press the move was all about joining forces with the innovative potential of crypto:

“This isn’t about jumping on a bandwagon or trying to get rich quick. It’s about doing things where you use blockchain and the crypto benefits in ways that people haven’t thought of yet.”

The idea is certainly an interesting incentive, and Björk’s album Utopia will certainly sell more copies than it would’ve without the interest generated by the campaign’s crypto-tip, but it remains to be seen whether this practice is a one-off or will actually start being adopted in the music industry.

Notably, buyers will be able to purchase Utopia with both fiat and crypto, too.

Other Musicians Are Looking to Make Crypto In-Roads Too

Björk isn’t alone. Other prominent musicians have also been trying to make forays into the crypto space.

Consider EDM musician Gramatik, who’s teaming up with SingularDTV to launch the GRMTK token, soon to be released through LaunchPad.

Gramatik—real name Denis Jašarević—told the press the tokenization strategy will allow him to bring his music straight to his fans:

“I’ve been waiting for a platform like Singular DTV to come out that utilizes blockchain technology to cut out the gatekeepers and middlemen. I just want to release my own music whenever I want, on my own terms. I want to get rid of all that bureaucracy. I just want to make music. Living in a world that’s owned by banks and corporations, blockchain technology is pretty much the only thing that gives me hope for the future.”

There’s also the case of RAC, the Grammy-winning DJ who released his LP EGO over Ethereum smart contracts back in July, requiring users to buy the record with ether.

What’s your opinion? Is Bjork onto something with her new promotion, or is this move gimmicky more than anything? Let us know where you stand by sounding off and sharing around below!

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