Crypto Politico Rep. Gabbard Gunning for Presidency. FTW?

Crypto Politico Rep. Gabbard Gunning for Presidency. FTW?

With the 2020 U.S. presidential election just around the corner, Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) has stepped forward early for the White House rat race. A buyer of crypto in 2017, Gabbard’s in, so does she have a shot, and what do her chances mean for the cryptoeconomy?

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ETH, LTC Buyer Gabbard Running for Prez

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard has announced her candidacy for the 2020 U.S. presidential elections, staking her claim as one of the Democratic Party’s first declared 2020 White House contenders.

Gabbard, who was a rumored Vice Presidential candidate for Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (D-VT) 2016 general election campaign, is a recognized politico in the cryptoverse after 2017 disclosure forms revealed the congresswoman as having bought ether and litecoin in late 2017.

As such, the Hawaiian congresswoman has taken a direct interest in the cryptoeconomy at a time when cryptocurrencies have generally had lukewarm receptions to date in Congress.

What Are Her Chances?

Open an Augur prediction market if you like, because Rep. Gabbard is likely to be a dark horse in 2020.

U.S. political analysts project Republicans to rally singularly around President Trump in the upcoming general election, whereas the Democratic field is expected to be wide open and Rep. Gabbard is likely to compete against as many as 20 other candidates on her side of the aisle.

Among her peers, Gabbard has the tangible advantage of an early start as far as electioneering goes, but it’s far from certain if she can beat out what’s likely to be a wide and stacked field of primary contenders.

Can Rep. Gabbard go from Congress to the White House? And will she fight for crypto in the process?

Of course, the Hawaiian congresswoman is a leader in the populist wing of the Democratic Party. Like Sen. Bernie Sanders, she’s an insurgent who will face resistance from more centrist, moderate elements of her party.

But, as one of the youngest standing members of Congress, Rep. Gabbard has already proven more open-minded toward digital assets than most of her contemporary congressional peers.

She’s a long shot to win the presidency in 2020, and cryptocurrency policy will be far from the top of her list of priorities if she were to take control of the White House, but as the current election field stands, Rep. Gabbard is the most pro-crypto candidate to come forward yet.

Accordingly, her campaign is one to keep an eye on for those in the space in the months to come.

As a member of the House of Representatives, Gabbard’s still possibly going to vote on three upcoming cryptocurrency-centric draft bills that could make life a lot easier for U.S. crypto users even if she doesn’t win the presidency,

What’s your take? Does Rep. Gabbard have a real shot at the White House, or is she a dark horse? Let us know in the comments section below 

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