A Frank Chat About Crypto Potential, Tax and Beer With Ryan Shaw

A Frank Chat About Crypto Potential, Tax and Beer With Ryan Shaw

Tokenization will upend the way business is done, most of today’s crypto asset investments will fail, the powers-that-be are corrupt and on-chain scaling matters a lot. Those are some of the key points from Bitsonline’s living room chat with entrepreneur and blockchain-watcher Ryan Shaw — a man who knows what he’s tallking about and has some frank opinions he’d like to share.

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Ryan Shaw Is Someone You Should Listen to

(NSFW: language warning)

Why does Shaw’s opinion matter? He has plenty of experience in business and the success to back up his words. He’s currently president of Canna Source and Canna City, cannabis production and retail companies in Colorado. Those businesses involve sophisticated tracking and monitoring technology that not only must work, but stay compliant in the regulatory minefield of state marijuana industries.

Ryan Shaw was also president of InterGlobal Trading and business development manager at Rave Infosys Inc., and also lived in Japan where he founded video chat and social network Lioncooking.com.

He returned to Tokyo last week to share some of his thoughts on the various industries he’s involved in. You’ll definitely want to hear them. The video above captures the sections on blockchain and cryptocurrencies — what’s great, what’s terrible, and where the opportunities for growth lie.

He also takes a few swings at a certain state government (no, not Colorado) and some of its members. Shaw is a straight-talker and, in this (very) casual setting that includes both beer and uncomfortable seating arrangements, his interview is as entertaining as it is informative.

Tokenization, Bitcoin SV, and Why Cryptos Are Worth What They Are (or Aren’t)

Shaw is particularly enthusiastic about blockchain tokenization — a technology he calls “the absolute most attractive space inside of crypto” that will transform equities, real estate, supply chains and others. He also shares his thoughts on which blockchains hold the most promise for use and value, his take on privacy coins and several of the most popular crpyto assets, Bitcoin SV, Lightning Network, and why you should always be “professionally skeptical”.

Though the discussion covers finance, regulation and beer, note that it’s simply a living room discussion between two industry observers, and definitely isn’t investment (or beer purchasing) advice. OK, maybe there’s a beer recommendation. Watch it for yourself and see.

Oh and this interview definitely comes with a language warning. Don’t watch it with young children around.

Do you agree or disagree with Ryan Shaw’s points? Tell us what you think in the comments below, or on social media.

Images and video via Bitsonline, Jon Southurst

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