Alex Lightman: Cryptocurrency History and What it Means for Our Industry

Alex Lightman: Cryptocurrency History and What it Means for Our Industry

At the World Blockchain Forum in New York City, Token Communities CEO Alex Lightman gave a presentation on Cryptocurrency history. In this talk, Lightman went over the different eras of the technology, price drivers and movements during this era, and how crypto’s past will influence its future.

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Cryptocurrency History

Since the birth of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency has gone through many dramatic events and developments. From bitcoin price crashes, hacks and scams, and the creation of other high profile cryptocurrencies, the community has seen it all.

Lightman talks about several of these major events in crypto history. This history is important for the future, he said, because the events of the past inform new developments.

From there, Lightman spoke about the future of cryptocurrency. Sharing his thoughts on where the technology will go moving forward, he concluded by saying the total market value of all cryptocurrency will eventually go from today’s $269 billion USD to over $5 trillion.

For the full details on what Lightman thinks about crypto history and where the technology will be in the future, listen to the full audio of his World Blockchain Forum presentation   

About the World Blockchain Forum

The World Blockchain Forum is a conference series with events all over the world. The conference series brings cryptocurrency enthusiasts, traders, entrepreneurs and influencers together in one place. While there, attendees can watch presentations on the latest innovations in the space, make friends, and form new business contacts.

This conference series is hosted by Keynote, a blockchain event-planning company founded by Moe Levin. In addition these conferences, Keynote is responsible for hosting the annual North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami — the largest blockchain conference in the world.

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