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The Cryptoverse: The First-Ever Bitcoin Cash ICO

On this episode of The Cryptoverse, host Chris Coney takes a look at the very first ICO hosted on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. Not only was it the first, but it was a big one — raising $30 million USD in just two hours.

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The First Bitcoin Cash ICO

According to Coney, on October 8, 2018, mining pool Viabtc hosted an ICO for its VIAT token using the Wormhole protocol and the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. In 2 hours, Viabtc managed to raise $30 million through this crowdsale.

The mining pool said its tokens will serve as as gas — similar to ether — as well as a way to transfer value between parties.

Coney said this ICO is good news for Bitcoin Cash, and that he “is glad to see some actual experimentation” going on in the crypto world, showing what the ecosystem can do with bigger blocks.

Other Top Stories

Coney covered other top stories that emerged recently. One of the most notable stories comes from Bitsonline: news that Poloniex has added a fiat on ramp to its exchange on the same day its parent company Circle launched its Circle Research division.

In this update, Poloniex customers from over 40 countries will be able to use direct fiat deposits and withdrawals. Other developments in this update include a new mobile app, as well as investment in strengthening the exchange’s technical and customer support teams.

To get the full story, read the article at Bitsonline.

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