Cryptoverse: SEC Delays Bitcoin ETF, Bancor Links EOS and Ethereum

Cryptoverse: SEC Delays Bitcoin ETF, Bancor Links EOS and Ethereum

In the latest episode of The Cryptoverse, host Chris Coney covers the SEC’s decision to delay a huge proposed Bitcoin ETF. Additionally, Coney talks about Bancor linking EOS and Ethereum in its latest move.

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SEC Delays Bitcoin ETF

Recently, the SEC decided to push back its ruling on the Van Eck, SolidX Bitcoin ETF by three weeks. Originally, the US regulatory agency was set to make a ruling by September 30th, but could now wait as long as late December to make a final decision.

The SEC is looking for more public feedback on the ETF application before it makes a decision. In its official call for additional input, the SEC specifically asked for thoughts on whether the bitcoin market can be seriously manipulated. This request comes after receiving over 1,400 written comments regarding the proposal, according to Bloomberg.

LiquidEOS Launches BancorX

Bancor-powered platform LiquidEOS has announced BancorX, a product that will link the EOS and ERC-20 networks.

According to LiquidEOS, this new product allows users to buy and sell EOS tokens directly on the blockchain, creating a decentralized method of trading.

This update is notable because the Bancor Network is one of the most heavily used dApps on the Ethereum blockchain, facilitating direct trading between thousands of ERC-20 tokens. Now, through BancorX, EOS will have a similar level of versatility, allowing users to directly trade between multiple EOS-based tokens. Then, those two networks will be integrated, reported LiquidEOS, allowing people to directly trade ERC-20 tokens for EOS tokens.

If it works as planned, this link between EOS and Ethereum will facilitate a massive network of decentralized token trading.

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