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The Cryptoverse: Revealing the Truth About ICOs in 2018

Cryptoverse host Chris Coney dives into the topic of the ICO in one of his latest videos. In his discussion of this controversial fundraising method, he shares his thoughts on whether participating in an ICO is a good investment choice.

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The ICO: A Hybrid Between and IPO and Crowdfunding that Doesn’t Have the Benefits of Either

According to Coney, no one should ever have any reasonable expectation of profiting — or even making their money back — from an ICO.

Why? Because ICOs are a form of crowdfunding, which has nothing to do with investing.

Crowdfunding efforts, Coney said, only promise the products they are trying to fund. Nothing more, nothing less.

Similarly, when you “invest” in an ICO, you’re funding the development of a token-based platform. If and when development is complete, you get tokens that you can use on the platform. There is no guarantee those tokens will have any monetary value — much less enough value to generate a profit on your “investment.”

But instead of realizing this, Coney continued, most people treat an ICO like a traditional IPO, expecting some financial gain.

And these expectations take away from what Coney believes is the best part of crowdfunding: its ability to provide the project leads with real time data on whether their project has any real interest.

Instead of funding things they are actually excited about — which is what crowdfunding is for — ICO participants throw money at projects, often blindly, hoping for a financial profit.

Thus, many ICOs leave the organizers with a ton of money but no useful market data, and the participants leave with no money and tokens that will probably never be worth anything.

According to Coney, the ICO could have combined the best features of crowdfunding and IPOs. Instead, they got the worst parts of both. And, at least for now, that’s just how ICOs are.

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