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Danish Billionaire Renames Hockey Stadium ‘Bitcoin Arena’, Pays Star Player in BTC

Danish Billionaire Renames Hockey Stadium ‘Bitcoin Arena’, Pays Star Player in BTC

Danish hockey team Rungsted Seier Capital is changing its home rink to “Bitcoin Arena” — appropriately knocking out the current name, Saxo Bank Arena. It’s also planning to pay its star player in BTC. The radical moves came after Danish bitcoin billionaire Niklas Nikolajsen took over as the club’s chief sponsor. 

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Nikolajsen, CEO at Bitcoin Suisse, entered a three-year sponsorship agreement with the club. Bitcoin Suisse is a crypto financial company based in Zug, Switzerland, and is known for its digital currency trading platform. It announced the partnership with Denmark’s top league ice hockey team on Thursday.

Rungsted Seier Capital‘s home field is situated at Hørsholm.

Bitcoin Enters the Sports Arena

Nikolajsen also wishes to offer pay to all team players using the digital currency. As per the sponsorship contract Nikolaj Rosenthal, star player of Rungsted, will receive his salary in the ever-skyrocketing cryptocurrency. Rosenthal will be the sole professional sports personality in the world to be paid in bitcoin.

Rungsted Seier Capital hockey teamRosenthal will switch from the customary salary in Danish kroner to exclusively BTC. It will set an example for other sports teams and athletes around the world to move with the global trend of factoring cryptocurrency as a payment method.

Rosenthal said: “Det er virkelig spennende å få lov at være pioner med dette” — or roughly translated, “It’s really exciting to be allowed to pioneer with this.”

Recently, the player showed interest in trading virtual currencies as well. He is on a full-time, four-year contract with the club. Additionally, as per the deal, his salary shall remain secure in fiat value — in case the bitcoin price suddenly falls. Talk about a no-lose deal.

Transforming the Ice Hockey Rink

Billionaires buying sports teams and sponsoring clubs is quite common. However, it does get interesting when done via gains in bitcoin. The Danish billionaire is the main reason for the transformation of the ice hockey stadium and salary deal.

In response to why he choose to be a sponsor, Nikolajsen replied: “We have had a good year, and then you can look over your own tip and where you can contribute a little bit.” According to reports, Nikolajsen bought the sponsorship for an unpublished seven figure (in USD value) sum.

The official renaming event will take place on December 27th, 2017, where the sponsorship agreement will be handed over signaling the start the of the three-year contract. The Bitcoin Suisse blog read “At the event a new center logo of the arena, a massive nine-meter diameter ice-covered gold and silver Bitcoin, will be unveiled.”

Additional Bitcoin Fan Promotions

Bitcoin logo keyringTo celebrate the partnership, there will be five different competitions for fans — each with a 0.1 BTC reward. Additionally, the main bar at the stadium will support a digital payment terminal accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.

Additionally, the hockey pucks for the whole season will embrace Bitcoin designs. One of the trophies will even hold an actual bitcoin, making it extra collectable for the eventual winners.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are taking the world by surprise as they enter different fields of business. Cryptocurrencies and the underlying technology has already revolutionized the banking sector. Now the popular cryptocurrency is having another shot at the world of sports.

How much mileage do you think Bitcoin will get out of this deal? Let’s hear your thoughts.

Images via Rungsted Seier Capital

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