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DARFChain Project Successfully Tests ERP, Blockchain Business Platform

DARFChain Project Successfully Tests ERP, Blockchain Business Platform

With the success of the Russian DARFChain (Distributed Accounting, Resource and Financial system) project’s blockchain integration test, a new age of digital economy has arrived.

This is a press release provided by DARFChain.

DARFChain Test Sucessful

Today, DARFChain reported test results that confirm a successful synchronization with the blockchain-based ERP system. Initially rolling out on Ethereum, this solution was built using componets of the Waves platform, the ERP system, ODOO and BigchainDB database.

DARFChain’s developers have made the system available for public testing on the project’s official Github.

Here is the current planning architecture for the DARFChain project:


Testing success proves the system’s to track all major business components and transactions for an ERP-powered company.

This development comes as good news for cryptocurrency investors, entrepreneurs and ICO startups looking for transparent solutions to monitor and control investments and provide reliable ICO opportunities.

DARFChain’s next major goal is to bring small entrepreneurs and other cooperative members of the blockchain industry into the project.Developers plan to give participants access to the ERP system, allowing them to account for a variety of tokens. According to DARFChain founders Stanislav Taktaev and Konstantin Bakulev, this system will help participants solve the chronic problem of underfinancing by attracting investments in digital currencies — conducting mutual settlements in tokens.

In an interview with Russian Forbes, ChronoPay Pavel Vrublevsky said the DARFChain project has a bright future.

“The blockchain-powered ERP system is the foundation to build the new economy,” Vrublesky said.

“If the business processes will be automatically monitored and transparent there will be no need to maintain credit ratings and agencies managing them.”

With the breakthrough of the blockchain technology’s transparency and efficiency, the modern digital industry has become so much more than robotics and virtual design media. Now, with DARFChain, the benefits of the blockchain have been amplified through the arrival of more legal and financial control — ensuring gradual growth and adoption of the technology by large business institutions.

DARFChain is currently in the pre-ICO phase, its token available at a discounted price of 4000-5000 satoshis.

All funds received during the ICO will go towards platform development and project expansion.

Issued in a limited number, faced with a growth in demand from the business environment, the price of this token is expected to grow — creating a profit potential for investors.

A functional prototype of the DARFChain platform control the project’s own ICO in November 2017. Shortly after, version 0.1 of the platform will be available for public testing.

Where to Find Project Updates

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