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Dash Community To Fund Max Keiser and Stephen Baldwin Road Trip

Dash Community To Fund Max Keiser and Stephen Baldwin Road Trip

Fans of privacy-oriented cryptocurrency Dash are sponsoring a road trip across the U.S. by Max Keiser and Stephen Baldwin. The celebrity pair will produce a 16-episode reality show to record their journey.

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The Dash network raised $500,000 worth of donations to sponsor Keiser’s show “The GAP: Great American Pilgrimage”, which will air on the RT network worldwide.

It should be a great promotional opportunity for the coin — RT claims to have hundreds of millions of subscribers worldwide, and reaches a predominantly younger audience.

Dash forum member Mark Mason announced a formal proposal (submitted by Jeff Smith) to sponsor the show in August. “With the recent price rise in Dash increasing the available treasury budget. It feels now would be the optimal time to pursue this,” he said.

For its money, the Dash community gets branding wrap on Keiser and Baldwin’s RV, and the hosts will wear branded merchandise. They will mention Dash on the episodes, possibly interview a Core developer, and plug the cryptocurrency on other media appearances and publicity material.

The “GAP” program itself isn’t explicitly about cryptocurrencies, but will likely contain economic themes. Keiser has also promised to “preach cryptocurrencies” along the way.

He and Baldwin plan to travel across the United States in a bus, stopping in ordinary towns to “ask everyday Americans: what do you think America’s about?”

Keiser Likes Dash Structure, Got Turned Down by Monero

Dash logoKeiser reportedly said he was approached by several blockchain-related projects to sponsor the show. He eventually chose Dash, he said, due to its enthusiastic community. He also liked the “Masternode” mining reward/voting model that allows the decentralized network to also make decisions like a large corporation.

In fact, he first offered a sponsorship deal to Riccardo Spagni (a.k.a. “FluffyPony”), project leader of rival coin Monero, during a TV interview. However the ever non-commercial Spagni wasn’t interested.

“It’s an open source project, we have no money,” he replied, as Keiser appeared flabbergasted.

About Keiser and Baldwin

Keiser is an economic iconoclast and entrepreneur who has hosted his show “The Keiser Report” on RT since 2009. He has also been associated with a number of cryptocurrency projects, most famously “Maxcoin” and the ill-fated Startcoin.

Stephen Baldwin
Stephen Baldwin

Baldwin is a Hollywood actor most famous for his 80s and 90s movies like The Usual Suspects, Threesome and Bio-Dome. He is the youngest of the four “Baldwin brothers”, all of whom are actors.

In July, Baldwin appeared on FOX business show “Varney & Co.” to talk about his interest in Bitcoin, and friendship with Keiser. He referred to cryptocurrencies as “kinda like stocks… a little bit,” and “a great way to make money from home”.

In that interview, he also added the Great American Pilgrimage show would “most likely be funded by one of these Bitcoin companies”.

In the end, it wasn’t a Bitcoin company but Dash itself that won out. Other communities will likely be interested to see what the exposure brings.

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Images via, RT, Wikimedia Commons

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