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Decentralized News Network Adds Major Advisors to the Team

Decentralized News Network (DNN), a blockchain-based content publication platform, has announced the addition of two new advisors to the team. With these new advisors, DNN hopes to increase the effectiveness of their platform moving forward.

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Meet the Advisors

Each of the new advisors has experience in the media, cryptocurrency and ICO spaces, bringing a variety of skills and expertise to the table. DNN told Bitsonline they are working on bringing on more top advisors to add to their roster of team members working to improve their platform.

DNN has confirmed the following people as their newest advisors:

Aly Madhavji

Aly Madhavji is the co-founder of GlobalDCX, an exchange that allows users to trade multiple cryptocurrencies, including fiat pairs.

Decentralized News Network

Madhavji also serves as an advisor to cryptocurrency securities platform Polymath, in addition to working as an advisor to JET8, Cryptyk Inc., Loyakk, and Open Source University.

Before entering the cryptocurrency space, Madhavji worked extensively in the finance industry.

Mayank Banerjee

Mayank Banerjee is the co-founder of Compass News, a London-based media outlet that curates content from all over the world.

Decentralized News Network

Calling themselves “the Spotify for journalism,” Compass News claims to employ a team of curators to find the highest-quality journalism in the world for its readers.

Prior to co-founding Compass News, Banerjee worked in both corporate and academic fields.

World Tour and Upcoming Website Redesign

In addition to their new advisors, DNN has also announced an upcoming world tour and a complete website redesign.

DNN will make appearances at multiple ICO Expo events around the world, serving as a main sponsor. The team will give presentations at these events to raise awareness about their platform, as well as promote their upcoming ICO.

Additionally, the DNN team is preparing to launch an updated version of their website, complete with new information, and changes to the language of the website that make the platform more inclusive to all journalists.

Bitsonline will continue following these developments and will provide updates as they become available.

Images via Pixabay, Aly Madhavji, and Mayank Banerjee

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